The Future is Coming

Today seems like a pretty busy day in the science world. Most of the news is coming out of Europe, which is not all that shocking, since they are not considering political candidates who consider science a dirty term.  Maybe Ted Cruz can pray for some amazing advancements.

Fusion Reactor
This comes to us from Germany. Before everyone blows their load saying that free energy is almost here, just take a second and read what was actually done. With that being said, this was a fantastic step in the right direction. We could possibly have safe, free energy in the next few decades. Think about how much that would change our world? No more reliance upon fossil fuels. Greifswald-device-718x523Asteroid Mining
This is definitely something that any fan of science fiction has read about. Using asteroids for mining. What interests me about this though is that Luxembourg is the country leading the way. Yes there are other countries trying to mine asteroids, but Luxembourg seems to be addressing the problems of who would own the items actually mined. Here is a cool infographic about the different reasons asteroid mining can be useful.7113041915_5fdf679a55_kWattway
Remember when I posted the video about solar roads? Well I have read somewhere that those might not be so real. However, that does not mean there are no solar roadways out there. In fact, France has just decided to install about 1000 KM of solar roadway.

Not only do we get a more advanced road system, but hey, it can also help provide some electricity.

Yes, it is a pretty good time to be alive. The future is pretty wonderful.