Welcome to Stupidville

I enjoy conspiracy theories. I do not believe in them, but they are fun to read about. For example, I can watch the Loose Change video and get some entertainment from it. Mostly from laughing at the ridiculous theories. Facebook recently had a trending video of a conspiracy that I had never heard about: Katy Perry is JonBenet Ramsey. I was intrigued! And about two minutes into it, realized this may be the dumbest thing I had ever heard.

I am not going to lie, that is a very long video and I do not think you should sit and watch it. Just click on a few minutes and feel your brain turn to mush. Here are the key points to the video:

-They are both girls.
-They both sing “God Bless America” at some point.
-One was born on the 25th, the other died on the 25th.
-The Illuminati
-They have parents

Yep, those are the reasons these are the same people. Now allow me to refute some of this stuff without even trying.

-Not too big a deal since girls make up around half the population.
-They are both famous. JonBenet could sing and liked to parade around in glamorous outfits. So does Katy Perry. Listen to young Ramsey sing and then listen to young Perry sing. Not even close. And the line about how Katy Perry wanted to sing as a kid, but not be a show kid like JonBenet does not mean that she was actually JonBenet Ramsey. Hell, any sane person reading that entire line in the video can understand what she means.
-I am sure they are not the only people to ever sing “God Bless America.”

Maybe Arch Rival is also JonBenet Ramsey.
-What a major coincidence, Perry was born on October 25,1984. Whereas JonBenet died on December 25,1996. The funny part in the video is when the guy tries to explain the age difference. Katy Perry was 12 years old when JonBenet died.
-Now on to the Illuminati and Masons. You cannot have a good conspiracy without them! The guy tries to show all sorts of symbolism and whatnot. This is the theory, the Ramsey family wanted their daughter to be famous. The Illuminati needed a sacrifice, so they killed the Ramsey name, and she was reborn as Katy Perry and they somehow made her famous. I have no clue what the Illuminati gained from all of this. It seems like it would be easier to just open a talent agency.
-Hey look, both girls have parents who if you take some pretty long leaps look somewhat, but not really alike!
-Katy Perry sings about being like a phoenix, you know, rising from the ashes. Because Ramsey was set on fire or something.
-This video keeps pointing out how Katy Perry likes to wear outfits that are similar to JonBenet’s outfits (or that they have Illuminati references). I think that maybe Katy Perry and her wardrobe people know about this theory and quite possibly enjoy trolling these folks. Just a wild guess.

I really hope Skeptoid does an episode about this soon…