After the Baird School

This is something new I plan on doing every so often.  I will take a movie and write about where they are nowadays.  No, not the actual actors, but the characters.  My blog, my idiotic ideas.

alpacinosladeScent of a Woman
A classic movie that everyone loves, especially the ending where Frank Slade tears apart the Baird School and the way they are attacking Charlie for not saying who messed up the dean’s car. What happened after the big showdown? Did everyone live happily ever after or do things turn out miserably?

Mr. Trask
The headmaster of the school was still pretty angry over the whole car prank and he just could not let it go. He continued trying to nail Harry, Trent, and Jimmy to no avail. The boys parents did not find it funny and they decided to complain to the school’s board of directors and threatened to stop the lavish donations they made each year. The board was forced to fire Mr. Trask, who ended up moving to Iowa where he became a history teacher at a small high school. The change of scenery actually made him happy.

Christine Downesfrances conroy
Charlie’s teacher did date Frank Slade for a few months. Unfortunately she just could not take his vulgar stories or his out of control drinking. She ended up breaking up with him and moving to Los Angeles where she married an undertaker.

Frank Slade
Giving a stirring speech at a school and the friendship of Charlie seemed to help Frank out of his funk for awhile. Unfortunately after he and Christine broke up, he started to fall further into depression. He was too proud to call Charlie for help and almost a year after his initial meeting with young Charlie, Frank finally succeeded in ending his life. He did not use his service revolver, instead choosing to hang himself. Charlie was devastated.

Harry Havemeyer
Philip_Seymour_Hoffman_2011Harry had some problems. His little pranks continued throughout college and he ended up failing out of Yale. This was a wake-up call for the young man and he finished his degree at a small community college. He realized his dependence on his parents money was a problem and he decided to eschew it and become a social worker in one of the worst neighborhoods in New York City.

George Willis Jr.
George was always one of those guys. He went to Harvard because of his dad. He joined a fraternity because of his dad. He avoided jail for raping a girl at a party because of his dad. And then one day his dad just became fed up with it. George Jr. was not a good kid. He was spoiled and entitled. He was a failure at his father’s company. He was the kind of person that would cause the good people to quit the company and after a few years, his father had enough of it and fired his own son. George Jr. still had money though and ended up partying and investing it poorly. He lost it all at the age of 30 and came crawling back to his dad, who turned him away. Fortunately George Jr. was able to find a rich older woman and marry her and never have to work again. See, good things happen to good guys…

Charlie Simmschris odonnell
Charlie proved his integrity by not ratting out Harry, Trent, and Jimmy. They committed a crime and even thought Charlie saw them do it, he chose not to give them up to Mr. Trask. After the mock trial, Charlie became somewhat popular at the Baird School. He ran for class president and won pretty handily. He got into Harvard and ended up graduating third in his class. He ended up getting a job for a large investment firm. He rose pretty quickly and was soon one of the top hedge fund managers. He witnessed his boss doing some shady activities and when the SEC came investigating, Charlie’s integrity came back to him. He refused to rat on his boss, who after learning the feds were onto him started pinning things on Charlie. Once the SEC and FBI tried to put pressure on Charlie to give up his boss they begin threatening him with obstruction charges, but then they started seeing some of the things his boss planted and decided to arrest Charlie Simms. He is sentenced to ten years in federal prison.

Once inside he realized that it was his integrity that cost him everything. His wife left him, taking the kids to Toronto. Fortunately, he was released after three years for good behavior. Despite his record, he was able to get a job with a firm that knew of his skills. He managed to help the company avoid some bad decisions during the housing crisis and they are now considered one of the top hedge funds in the country. Good for Charlie!