Bigfoot and Zeus

mountain monstersI was flipping through channels the other night and noticed this show Mountain Monsters and the episode said it was in Blair County. I can only describe this show as a cross between MonsterQuest and Duck Dynasty. I missed a good chunk of the episode, but the last few minutes were pretty fantastic.

They were chasing a Bigfoot, who is known as the Lightning Man. Somehow they found some rock with markings on it and learned that it was part of an ancient weapon known as the Thunder Ax (I shit you not on this). They built a trap to catch the Lightning Man with the Thunder Ax. At some point in the night, lightning strikes a tree near one of the redneck guys and it knocks his boot and causes him to piss his pants.

Clearly this show is just making shit up as it goes. I have never heard of Lightning Man in the Blair County area. Hell, if you go to the PA Bigfoot site, they have nothing called “Lightning Man.” These crazy hillbillies said that Lightning Man is able to control other Bigfoots as well as cause lightning strikes.

I think these guys are confusing Bigfoot with Zeus.Only he can control the lightning…Zeus26B