Captain America: Civil War Trailer 2

This trailer has a bit more of Black Panther who looks pretty damn cool. Does it seem like Rhodes will die in this movie? Is that the big death we have been hearing about? I am guessing not. I will not spoil anything for anyone.

I have to mention Spider-Man’s big reveal at the end of the preview. He looks great. I thought Tobey Maguire pulled off the Peter Parker aspect so well and Andrew Garfield was good as Spidey, but I never could buy him as a geeky kid. I am hopeful that Tom Holland can really bring both sides to the character to life. Also, I am hoping they have Spider-Man being younger (which is what I got from Tony’s Under-Roos joke). That is what makes Spider-Man so cool, when he is this 15 year old kid, who has the power to take on some of the biggest, baddest villains (or heroes) in the world. At one moment he is fighting Captain America and the next minute he is worrying about finishing his geometry homework.

Needless to say, that last few seconds has me super pumped for this movie.spiderman and tom holland

2 thoughts on “Captain America: Civil War Trailer 2

  1. I feel like they shoehorned Spidey into the trailer. Looked like the effects aren’t done, so they whipped together some CG that doesn’t look great for the trailer. It’s got to look better than that in the actual film.

    1. Yeah I felt like that with Batman/Superman (I know, you think it looks terrible). I will be curious to see how Tony gets Peter on his side. In the comic it was an older Peter Parker, who could see the benefits of announcing his identity to the world.

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