Game of Thrones: A New S6 Trailer and Some Azor Ahai Stuff (is this the longest title for a post ever?)

I just want this season to get here as soon as possible.

And also, I posted this on Facebook yesterday to honor the one who died for us and will come again. All hail the warrior of fire!Azor AhaiIf you are a book reader, what are you thoughts on Azor Ahai? Do you think that Jon Snow is AA? Or maybe that Daenerys is AA? Is Azor Ahai and the Prince Who Was Promised the same person? I know there is definitely some debate about that idea. I read somewhere that what if Rhaegar was actually Azor Ahai? It would be so like GRRM to kill off the savior of the world before he had the chance to do any saving. And please, do not post me a bunch of links to different theory pages. I have read them all before. I just want your opinions.