Good Thing for the GOP

It strikes me as odd that Mitt Romney would come out against Donald Trump yesterday, but naturally this did not cause Trump’s fans to stop loving him. I saw this on Facebook almost immediately after Mitt was done.message to mittMost of the stuff is pretty blah, but then you get to the bottom.

“If the nomination is stolen from Trump, I will join him in a New Party.”

This really struck me as interesting. I listen to Dan Carlin’s Common Sense podcast and he recently spoke about the idea of either party’s establishment using their power to quash a nomination. The idea that even though the people had spoken, it could be possible to see the establishment manipulate things to give a lesser candidate the nomination. We are seeing now the establishment coming out in favor of Rubio or Kasich (on the other side, he really thinks if it is close, the nomination will go to Clinton because of the Superdelegates).

And yet I cannot help to think that if this happens, especially in the Republican party, that it might be good. Almost anyone you talk to will say that the two party system kind of stinks. So imagine if Trump splits off and he takes a good chunk of the Republican party with him. For awhile now there has been what seems like a major divide in the GOP, so maybe this would be for the best. Hell, maybe this would be better for everyone in general.

Pretend that Kasich gets the nomination. He would be right-center guy. Hillary is the left-center (I suppose moderate is the proper term). Bernie could run independently as the far left (and maybe embrace some of his more radical ideas). Then you have Gary Johnson and the Libertarians, plus Jill Stein with the Green Party.

Boom, now you actually have choices. Now you could have candidates who better represent your ideals. Alas, this will never happen, but it is a cool idea to actually think about for a second.

Sorry about all of the political posts lately. I am just fascinated by this year’s election, as are most folks it seems.


2 thoughts on “Good Thing for the GOP

  1. Unless the presidential election adopted some kind of IRV (runoff voting) people will vote strategically rather than for who they really want. Third party candidates can lose an election for the similarly-principaled establishment candidate.

    1. Yeah I know this, but I am saying if people are this hardcore for Trump and he causes the party to spit, would it really be that bad? I mean there are already two Republican parties as it is.

      I was really just being hypothetical. Sadly, nothing really changes, but it is fun to pretend.

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