Josh Gates is Alive and Well

Josh GatesDid you know that I was a fan of Destination Truth? You know the show that was on SyFy and featured Josh Gates traversing the world trying to find monsters and whatnot. You might think a skeptic like myself would hate that kind of show, but you would be dead wrong. I loved that show because of how funny Gates and his team were. Hell, the best parts of that show were when they would end up in some tiny village, eating unknown local food, and Josh Gates would just embrace it, usually with a joke.

Anyways, when the show ended, I always hoped that Gates would find something else. I mean, he is an interesting person. He has a degree in archaeology, who has actually participated in field work in Israel. Also, he is like a real-life adventurer. He can scuba dive, mountain climb, and is a member of The Explorers Club. How cool is that?

I was looking for something to watch when I saw something called Expedition Unknown on the Travel Channel. I stopped on it and guess who is the host? Josh Gates! He basically goes all over the world, investigating legends and just enjoying the local cultures.

digging-for-truth7If I was granted one television wish, Josh Gates would have Josh Bernstein on the show sometime. Maybe they could investigate something from the Bible.

Do you guys remember him? He had one of the best shows on History Channel: Digging for the Truth. I always thought it was cool how Bernstein would take a controversial topic and then present all the different theories and at the end basically sum it all up. I remember some of it being a little out there, but something tells me that was History Channel forcing him to give viewers what they wanted in regards to the “wow” factor.

The reason it would be cool for a team up of these two, aside from the fact they share a great first name. They are both into the same things. Bernstein is also an adventurer/explorer. Hell they probably know each other since they are members of The Explorers Club.

So if the Travel Channel is reading this (and why wouldn’t they?), please make this happen!