Rotation is Key

my closetDo you rotate your clothes when you put them away? I never did this. Back when I lived on my own, I just put them away (or sometimes left them sitting in the basket until the basket was empty).

When I first moved in with Lindsey, I decided to organize them by type of shirt. I would then hang them back up by where the hanger was located. And for clothes in drawers? I just shoved them inside.

Now though, I rotate everything. The bottom row of shirts are for work. The ones I just put away are on the left. The further right you move, the longer it has been since I have worn that shirt. I do not automatically grab the one that is all the way to the right or anything. I still go by which shirt I feel like wearing.

The same goes for the shirts above. They are divided into styles, but each style has it’s rotation. I also do this with my pants and the sweaters and whatnot to the left.

I even rotate my white undershirts, socks, and boxers! This actually helps to not wear some out more than others.

Does anyone else do this? Have I gone a little bit crazy?