The Shannara Chronicles Season 1

CcZVC1oUkAAeaedI finally got the chance to watch the first season finale of The Shannara Chronicles. I am about 50/50 on this show. The show looked pretty damn good all season. The trolls, gnomes, demons, and futuristic Pacific Northwest looked fantastic. However, some of the teenage drama could be a little tedious.

To be fair, the story stuck to the book. It added some things and took some other stuff out, but for the most part, the story was unchanged. In the end, Amberle becomes the new Ellcrys and Wil is pretty pissed at Allanon for not telling him. The show leaves out some of the adventure and probably undersells the danger of the demon army. It also adds a bunch of side stories, plus the book had a different outcome for Wil and Eretria. In the book they kind of have a thing for each other, there is tension between Wil and Amberle, but not so much a love triangle. We learn at the end that they get married (I also think in the next book it is their children that have the adventures).

In the show though, Eretria sacrifices herself to save Wil and Amberle. Wil decides after it is over to go back to Safehold to save her and we see that she is a prisoner of the trolls and their leader is someone familiar to Eretria. I am guessing next season will involve rescuing her.

Also, the book never had anything with Bandon. That was a pretty interesting story. By the end of the series he is trapped in the demon area and has the Dagda Mor’s weapon. I am wondering if Bandon will assume the role of the Mord Wraiths from the third book. Speaking of the Dagda Mor, the fight between him and Allanon was pretty damn good.wil shirtlessy2cbq7kI wonder if they will introduce either Menion or Rone Leah in the next season? It is not a Shannara story without one of the Leah’s in there.  And hopefully whoever they would cast in the role would have great abs and could take his shirt off at least once an episode. If I had one complaint about this show it would be how much either the guys or girls get half-naked. I know, you never thought I would say that, but it just does not fit with this material.

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  1. The teenage drama was a bit thick, but the last time I read the book, I was in 8th grade and I thought it was the most amazing thing ever. I hated that the demons might as well have been orcs. Where were the huge ones, the flying ones, and the crazy ten-legged ones? The battle was better in the book. The name Bandon sounds familiar, but I don’t remember him from this particular book. My fear is that they continue the second with an Eretria rescue and either skip or dilute Wishsong such that the show no longer follows the books.

  2. I am pretty sure that after this season they will stray far from the books and just take little bits from the rest of them. It will be upsetting because in Wishsong, my favorite character/scene was the introduction of Garet Jax and how he saves Jair from Slanter and the Gnomes. Hell, the fact that Slanter was in this one bothered me.

    I cannot find a Bandon anywhere. Also, looking at the synopsis for some of the Shannara books…just wow. I can barely remember anything from most of them. They are good books to read, but they are not very memorable (minus Elfstones and Wishsong).

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