A New Computer

new computerI finally decided to be done with my laptop. We had a great run, but it was time to end the relationship. I mean, for the most part, I usually either look at stuff on my phone or tablet. The only thing I use my laptop for is writing my blog. And even that I could do from the tablet (I would just need to add the pictures and whatnot from a computer because it is difficult to do on a tablet).

Lindsey finally gave in and gave me permission to buy a desktop. Her laptop finally died and mine is getting toward the end of it’s life. So it just seemed like the right time to get one. Instead of going crazy like I did in my youth (I spent almost $4000 on a desktop once), I decided to buy one of the HP All-in-One PC. It has the touchscreen monitor and runs Windows 10, which I actually liked using on my laptop. I realize now that I do not need anything too fancy in order to write a blog and use Microsoft Word & Excel. I am not a gamer, I no longer need to download every song that has ever come out (I would rather just listen to Pandora or search for a song in YouTube).

As of now I am spending the time moving files over and keeping everything organized. I hate when files are all over the place. Lindsey likes to save everything to the desktop which drives me crazy. At some point I would like to upgrade to a wireless mouse/keyboard. I am shocked that the computer did not come with that already. I hate having cords. I may look into at some point getting some sort of cloud storage device. Other than that though, this is pretty much perfect for us.

Weird how growing up can change a person.