Dr. Strange First Trailer

There are some very exciting things about this movie. First of all, we have Benedict Cumberbatch being all Cumberbatchy, which is always a great thing. And it looks like the movie is going the magic route. I know people were afraid that maybe they would try to explain the MCU’s magic away as some alien technology (like how Thor is not really a god, but more like an alien race that is close to immortal or something).

During Daredevil there was definitely some mystical things happening (like The Hand) and I am guessing that Iron Fist will deal with some more of that mysticism. I cannot imagine having Iron Fist and being like “oh, he has an actual iron fist, some kind of StarkTech.” That would just be silly.

So it seems like magic is part of the universe and hopefully it all ties together. If I remember corectly, Thanos is basically a master of all things. He is super-strong, an expert fighter, technologically superior, and a master of mysticism. I am guessing that Dr. Strange will be needed for the showdown with Thanos.