More Dark Tower Casting Stuff

The-Dark-TowerI have not mentioned much of the Dark Tower casting because it really has me confused. Is the movie going to be adaptation of the first book or is this something that they are trying to condense to fit into three movies? I really hope that is not the case. It was rumored that Aaron Paul was interested in playing Eddie Dean, but I have not heard any more about that. I am starting to form a theory and sadly this is not something I am too cool with at the moment, I really hope to be wrong.jeh

Jackie Earl Haley
I have been a pretty big fan of Haley’s even before he was in Watchmen. I loved him in the show Human Target and was excited to hear he would be joining the cast. But then I was confused, they said he was playing Sayre. As in Richard Sayre. I mean, Haley is a good fit to play the leader of the Sombra Corporation and he has that creepy look of someone who could probably be a can-toi. And yet, what the hell are the can-toi doing this early in the series?

Tom Taylor
I honestly know nothing about the kid picked to play Jake Chambers. He does have the look of Jake Chambers though, so as long as he can act, it should work out alright. I am guessing Oy will be CGI, probably Andy Serkis.

Katheryn Winnick
I watched a few episodes of Vikings, but honestly do not remember Winnick. I should probably catch up on this series, people have told me that it is great. If you cannot figure out though, Katheryn Winnick is an attractive blonde woman. Could she be playing Susan Delgado in a flashback? OR will she be Alice? You know, Roland’s fuckbuddy in Tull, who…well you remember what happened in Tull. I really hope she is not playing Susannah, that would just be messed up.katheryn-winnick

I have heard that the director wants the movie to take place a good bit in our world. So, maybe Roland comes to our world in order to protect the Rose. He meets Jake Chambers and with the boy’s help (and maybe Winnick, is she someone else they encounter?) they try to protect the Rose from Sayre, Tirana, and Pimli. Once they are defeated, Jake and Roland are transported back to Mid-World, where they learn that the true enemy is the Man in Black (Matthew McConaughey) and his real target is not destroying the Rose, but the Dark Tower itself. The movie ends with a confrontation between the Man in Black and Roland, in which Roland is seriously outmatched.

I am starting to wonder if they are cutting out Eddie, Susannah, and much of the time-travel stuff. The next movie could take place in Mid-World with Roland, Jake, and Girl encountering Blaine. Maybe we learn that the Man in Black is kidnapping children from our world and using their brain juice to destroy the beams that hold up the Dark Tower. Hell, maybe this is how Roland first encounters Jake, that one of the can-toi are trying to kidnap him.

Seriously, please take my advice and do not fuck this series up. Hell I laid out my idea for how to make it way back in 2010. Just call me and I will gladly help for a small fee.