NINE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No, no, no…not the band. This is definitely not the story of a girl.

Nine days is exactly how long it has been since I posted about Samson! That is way too long.

Samson Cute

I forgot the one gate over at Adam2 & Kayla’s new house, so we decided to leave Samson free for the night. I mean, Lindsey worked midnight and I worked second shift. How much trouble could he get into from 10:00 to 12:30…(you all know where this is going, right?)




Hey, jokes on you! He did not do anything bad. In fact, when Lindsey left the house he was just chilling in his crate and when I came home he was still there. He came out when he saw me, stretched (he loves to stretch) and then demanded that I take him outside to pee. We came back inside and he went right up to the bed and went to sleep. It must be rough being him.

And okay, I did lie: this post will feature Nine Days-Absolutely (Story of a Girl). Enjoy!