Star Wars: Rogue One Teaser

When I first heard about this movie, I was a bit skeptical. Granted, this was before TFA came out. I was not really sure what they were doing with this movie, but I could see it ending up being silly and ridiculous.

And then after TFA, I started hearing more about this movie. For one, it was going to be a bit darker than what people were expecting. Plus, it turns out there will not be any of the familiar characters. Okay, minus Darth Vader. I keep hearing he will be making an appearance, which definitely makes sense. Also, I have heard that Boba Fett will somehow be involved. I wonder if Vader will try to employ him to recover the stolen plans. Maybe something goes wrong and Fett disintegrates someone…remember the line from The Empire Strikes Back: “no disintegration”?

A few other things from the trailer:

-The guy in the all white uniform. Is he a Grand Admiral? Remember Grand Admiral Thrawn? He wore a white uniform. Although he was a blue-skinned alien.grand admiral My guess is that he is the person in charge of the Death Star construction. Probably answers to two people: Grand Moff Tarkin and the Emperor.

I always find it interesting that in the first movie, Darth Vader defers to what Grand Moff Tarkin says. In the hierarchy of the Empire, was Tarkin ahead of Vader or was that one of those things where Tarkin is in charge of the Death Star and since Vader is on board, he also is subject to the Grand Moff’s authority?

Another thing, when Tarkin says about the Emperor dissolving the Senate, someone asks how they will maintain control. Tarkin says that regional governors and fear of this battle-station will keep local systems in line. In the Expanded Universe (I know this is no longer canon) those regional governors were Moffs, and the ones that oversaw a bunch of them were Grand Moffs, with Tarkin being the one at the top, subject only to the Emperor. I wonder if this still holds true?rogueonetrailer1-large-Felicity Jones comes off as pretty badass in this small clip. “This is a rebellion, isn’t it? I rebel.” Loved it. Although, one of the things I read said “she is a Han Solo-style heroine.” Does she really need to be compared to another Star Wars character? I am hoping she is a little more dark than Han Solo. Yes, she is fighting for a good cause, but she is willing to do very bad things in order to achieve that good. Maybe that is what Forest Whitaker is talking about when he says “what will you become.” If she is willing to continue down a path of terrible deeds, does that make her any different than the Empire?

-I love how they made new Star Destroyers for this movie and all sorts of other stuff. I am guessing they will have an explanation, but everyone knows they do these things to sell more action figures. Actually, I would bet the new Star Destroyers are used to guard the Death Star while it is being constructed. Plus, the construction site is probably some place where they crank out new equipment. Maybe these are an upgraded Star Destroyer that have not hit the assembly line yet.

Yeah, I think I am pretty excited about this movie.