The Flash: Versus Zoom

tumblr_o2oxkqe5dt1tnt8s9o1_500The latest episode of The Flash featured the showdown we have been waiting for: Flash versus Zoom. Barry is able to go faster than Zoom with the help of Evil Harrison Wells from the past. The team comes up with a plan to defeat the evil speedster, who they figured out is Jay Garrick.

The majority of the episode was very good. I mean, the whole side-story with Wally and Joe, brought a tear to my eye. I actually guessed that was Wally’s problem when Joe offered him money. Still, when Joe finally offers him the room and Wally accepts and says “thanks Dad.” That definitely made me tear up. Whatever, don’t judge me.

Seriously, there was a bunch of other great stuff.
-Iris admitting to having feelings for Barry.
-Cisco embracing his powers and the little speech that Barry gave him about being family.
-The reference to the Supergirl/Flash crossover. When Barry runs so fast that he disappears and comes back he says “how long was I gone.” I also loved that he does not even mention where he went to anyone.
-Harrison and Joe having a bonding moment

And then came the epic battle. The team captures Zoom and naturally he escapes and decides to kidnap Wally, leaving Barry a message “trade Wally for your speed.” Barry decides to agree to it.

the-flash-season-2-versus-zoom-image-6The exchange happens at the lab. Zoom hands over Wally and then Barry allows Harrison Wells to use a device to extract his Speed Force. They give it to Zoom, who takes it and almost kills Barry. He only stops when Caitlyn begs him to stop.

So why did I say the majority of the episode was good? It would seem to imply there was something I did not like. Once the exchange happens, why does Barry feel the need to honor the agreement? Once Wally is out of his hands, why not fight Zoom? Maybe Harrison and Joe could get lucky and hit him with their guns.

Yes, I realize that unless they kill Zoom then he will keep coming back to take the people Barry cares about and if they do not capture him, he could do major damage in this world. However, how does giving up your speed not just allow Zoom to be nearly unstoppable with absolutely no one around who could defeat him? I don’t know, it just really pissed me off.

I kept waiting for there to be a double-cross. Like Wells developed something that would steal Zoom’s speed and pretended it was stealing Barry’s. When Barry told Iris he was fine, I thought he would wait until Zoom did something all fast and then as Zoom’s power disappeared, Barry would go all Flash on him.

flash-versus-iron-picOh well, I look forward to seeing how Barry and the team get his powers back plus defeat Zoom. Oh, and who is the man in the iron mask?

My guess is that he is the real Jay Garrick. At first I thought maybe he was the Wally West doppleganger, but it really looks like the person is white. So was Jay Garrick also a speedster? It will be a little weird if that is the case since Hunter wore the helmet because it was what his father wore in the war.