The Great Bathroom Debate

2000px-A_TransGender-Symbol_Plain3.svgI love how this has become such a major issue. The idea that people are freaking out over which bathroom a transgender person uses seems a bit ridiculous. For the most part, how would someone know what equipment the person has when they go into a bathroom? When I am standing at a urinal, I generally do not check to see the other guy’s dong. If it were a woman, obviously she would not be standing and if she is in the stall, my first assumption is that the person had to poop.

The argument for this anti-transgender bathroom movement (haha, I crack myself up!) is either that rapists will attack women by going into the ladies room by saying “hey, I feel like a woman today.” That seems a little idiotic. That could possibly happen, I am not saying that it is not possible, however, if you are a serial rapist, then you probably try to minimize getting caught. Strolling into the ladies room at Target does not seem like the best place. Also, the way they make the argument, it sounds like the rape would be justified. Like “oh hey, I was feeling like a woman, so I went in the ladies room and then you know, I just raped that girl. Sorry! But you cannot punish me because I am transgender.” Ummm, not how that works.

The other part of the argument is similar, but instead focuses on children. The conservatives claim that pedophiles can now follow your daughter into the ladies room and molest them. Then it would be his word versus the little girl’s word. First of all, why are these parents allowing their children to go to the restroom unattended. If the kid is that small, do what many dads do in our restaurants: bring the daughter to the men’s room (usually the dad will come in, check to see if it is empty and then bring his daughter in and they use a stall). If the kid is older, the dad usually stands right outside the door and frequently talks to the kid inside.

Weird how these conservatives all of a sudden have such a major concern about women being raped. Despite the fact that some of the guys running for president have said they would not support abortion for cases of rape. Or how come these people are so concerned about kids being molested, yet never really seem to care about priests touching children. Seems weird to me.

And seriously people, does it seem like a good idea to tell this person to use the men’s room?02-geena-rocero-w724
Or maybe you want this guy using the ladies room?aydian-dowling

“Sorry, you have to use the restroom of the gender you were born with.” Pretty stupid to me.

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  1. Every wrong done to me in my life has been done by a white person, most often a heterosexual white male. This is what I tell people when they try to complain to me about minorities or alternative sexualities.

    If I had a kid, that’s who I’d be worried about: white dudes.

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