Yummy Pancake: Conspiracy Theory

Many years ago, my friends and I decided to start a group blog. Unfortunately it never amounted to much more than a few of us posting baseball or movie stuff. Some of the stuff that I wrote was decent so I would like to bring them over here. Hope you enjoy. Also, feel free to head over there and have a laugh at some of the stuff Ryan, Offord, and Jason wrote.

This is one of those rant posts that I usually think is on this blog somewhere. Obviously I am fascinated by conspiracy theories…

Since no one really posts anything aside from Offord and I, it looks like I might as well write something. After work last night I came home and stumbled upon a bunch of 9/11 conspiracy theory debunking sites. I would link to them, but it really is not that important.

Who are these people who believe that 9/11 was a cover-up and that it was pulled off by the government? The same government who let CNN or some other news agency reveal the bombing plans for Iraq. I think these people should be beaten to death with a 13-inch dildo.

If you ever watch the Loose Change video, it seems to provide pretty compelling evidence. Or very clever editing. I will give those guys credit, they should join with Michael Moore to make documentaries. No truth involved, lots of falsehoods and assumptions…

Anyways, after reading all that stuff, I began to think about some of my favorite shows to watch. Stuff like Monster Quest. I do not believe in any of those things, but I enjoy watching those programs and seeing how they film it. Or how they make the scientists seem crazy, and the people with no credibility seem very sane.

My favorite is any Bigfoot show. I love when they get the biomechanics professors to analyze the video from the ’60s of a Bigfoot. They try to say that you can seem from the way it moves that there is no way it could be a human in a furry suit. That cracks me up because the video is so grainy, I honestly believe they are seeing things where there is nothing. Also, has anyone ever seen the Bigfoot picture from Ridgeway, PA? Every expert who looks at it says that it is a bear with a case of mange. But no, the Bigfoot folks will draw lines and say that a bear cannot move that way. Actually here is a picture of what was captured, then a video analyzing the limb ratios. Aside from the fact that the photo is horrible and gives us no depth or perspective, how can anyone tell anything about the animal?2_creature_medhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LG2PHVq4Gfk