2016 Fantasy Baseball Week 4

Week 4Jeanmar GomezI took down Jason this week pretty easily. My hitting was pretty damn good and the pitching definitely improved from the previous three weeks. Still not great, but much better. I will be alright with an ERA in the low 3s instead of those nice high 5s I was putting up. It was nice to see Chris Archer turn things around somewhat.

Fantasy Stud

I have to say that Jeanmar Gomez went from pleasant surprise to “holy shit, he has four saves and a 0.00 ERA” in just a week. Seriously, still shocked by this guy. I mean, the Pirates saw it in him, but just could not get it out of him. I guess he just needed some more time.

Fantasy Dud

Luis Severino had another terrible start, going three innings, striking out one and giving up six runs. I decided to cut ties with him. Damn, I knew I should have allowed Offord to draft him. I ended up picking up Jose Berrios, who also had a poor start. I dropped him and decided to go for a hitter: Travis Shaw. He actually filled in nicely for Kris Bryant while he was out with a sore ankle. Luis Severino

League Results

Gideon 5 Sean 5
Lindsey 8 Offord 4
James 8 Pat 3
Ryan 7 Adam2 5
Dustin 5 Matt 5

My lead has increased to 4.5 games on Adam2 and Ryan. I had to laugh because early in the week Ryan was bragging because he was up 10-1. He sent a text to Offord and I saying something about the beginning of this season’s dominance. Hey Ryan, how did that work out for ya? I probably should not make fun of the guy who has like ten championships or something. This week I take on Lindsey, so I should probably prepare to sleep in the guest room. Since Lindsey won, here is Stone Temple Pilots covering Led Zeppelin.