2016 Fantasy Baseball Week 5

Week 5

Jonathan Lucroy

There was pretty much no aspect of the fantasy game that I did not dominate this week. My hitting was basically unstoppable. Sorry Lindsey, I did not mean to steamroll you and basically send you into almost last place. The only major I move I made this week was dropping Tanner Rourke in order to add Jung Ho Kang from the DL. I did not start him his first game and missed out on the two home runs (not that I needed them). I think Kang will be a major improvement over Andrus, who is having a good year (tons of singles, so a good average), but he is not stealing bases, which makes him better suited for the bench (since Kang will not play everyday).

Fantasy Stud

Jonathan Lucroy has been pretty impressive in the short month of May so far and this past week was no exception. He hit three home runs, scored six times, knocked in seven, while having a .417 AVG and a .481 OBP. Looking like a great draft pick early in the year for me. I should also mention that Brandon Belt and Jose Altuve also had huge weeks. You could argue that Altuve’s was even more impressive than Lucroy’s, since he added four stolen bases. On the year, Altuve has 9 HRs and 13 SBs. Could he be in the 20/20 club before the All-Star break, or will HRs stop coming soon?

Chris DavisFantasy Dud

Chris Davis and his .048 AVG for the week. Ugh. Not exactly what I was hoping for when I kept him. He is only batting .200 on the year, but he does have 8 HRs, so not all is lost. Remember, last year he was bad at the beginning of the year and look how he finished. I just hope he can turn things around a little earlier this year.

League Results

Gideon 6 Dustin 4
Offord 9 Adam2 3
Sean 8 Pat 4
Matt 6 Ryan 4
James 6 Jason 5

With that domination, I am now 8 games ahead of Offord. Matt and James are in third & fourth respectively and only a half game behind Offord. From there it goes Sean, Ryan, Adam2 (at least they have winning records). After that we have Jason (who is just below .500), Gideon, Dustin, Lindsey, and Pat. Still early in the season for those bottom-dwellers. All it takes is one trade with Ryan and you can pretty much have a new team.

This week I take on Dustin, while Lindsey battles with Jason.