2016 Presidential Election: Party for Socialism and Liberation

gloria-la-riva-for-president-votesocialistI was not going to mention this party, but since they do have a candidate running in the 2016 election (I just assumed they would support Bernie Sanders–since that is what many of the left-leaning independent parties did), I figured I might as well mention them. In 2012 they had Peta Lindsay run for President and she received over 9,000 votes despite being like 28 years old. I am guessing people thought they were voting for the guy from The Hunger Games (isn’t that a character???).

I like many facets of socialism. To me, it is hard not to argue that capitalism and democracy do not really seem to go hand-in-hand. Especially when you consider things like who funds the candidates and all of that stuff. I definitely see the problems and definitely think there needs to be change. Is socialism the answer? I don’t know. In this election, the PSL is running Gloria La Riva and she has a 10-point plan.Gloria La Riva

Here is a quick rundown of what she would do as president:

-Seize the oil and coal companies and stop the use of fossil fuels.
-Jobs would be a Constitutional right and the minimum wage should be $20/hour.
-Free healthcare, education, and housing. She would eliminate all student loan debt (YAY!) and mortgage interest payments.
-Close down all of the American military bases around the world and bring all of our troops home. Stop U.S. aid to Israel.
-Stop racist police brutality and fix our mass incarceration problem.
-Defend the unions.
-Equality for women!
-Full rights for immigrants.
-Full Federal equality for the LGBTQ community.
-Seize the banks and jail the Wall Street criminals.

Okay, let me touch on a few of these. How could a job be a Constitutional right? If I get fired tomorrow and cannot find a job, does that mean the government would have to place me in a job? Does that mean they could be like “hey, we have a job for you cleaning Lincoln’s nose at Mount Rushmore. You start in South Dakota tomorrow.”? I am all for the elimination of student loan debt, I know, that sounds terrible, but whatever.

How do you stop racist, police brutality? Do you just tell cops they cannot be racist anymore? What about all of the good cops out there who are not racist? Do they get a bonus for not being racist dicks? I hope so. The prison problem is something that does need to be addressed. Although, I am not sure jailing the Wall Street criminals is the answer.

I also feel like they could have combined a few of the points and just said something like “equality for all.” Women and the LGBTQ folks would have been covered under it (or maybe some subheadings to clarify).

If those are the things you identify with and want to change the world by bringing down capitalism, then vote for Gloria La Riva in this election!