2016 Presidential Election: We the People Party

Sheila TittleDamn, there are some pretty interesting people running for president. Here is another independent candidate. She comes from the “We The People Party.” I think. I cannot find any information about her party, I think that is just what the different sites list. Her name is Sheila Tittle. She likes to go by SAMM (which stands for Saving America’s Majesty for Millions) and I highly recommend going to her page. I give her credit for speaking her mind and trying to run, but c’mon…if you go to her site and read what she writes then you will understand. Just picture her as our next president? Yikes.

I will say that she has an interesting mix of ideals. For example:

-She is very pro-life. She believes that life starts before conception. “Long before it is knit in it’s mother’s womb”.
-Obviously not a big fan of Obama, the Affordable Care Act, or Racism (which she said is no longer an issue in this country since we elected a black guy).
-She thinks that secular humanists are ruining America.
-Big government is a problem, but not as big of a problem as the greedy corporations who receive bailouts while small businesses go bankrupt. She thinks there should be tougher federal regulations on credit bureaus and the predatory lenders.
-She thinks the Electoral College is a fair way to elect the president, since it gives each state an equal voice.
-No gay marriage!
-She is against Sharia Law in this country.

Here is my favorite though. She has a long rant about border security. Well just check it out:

“This issue is not so hard to understand. You have heard this many times that “people are struggling to get in to the United States, but there is no one struggling to get out.” Border Security is the backbone of our Freedoms and Liberty and it is quite simple to see our United States as one big house. That is to outsiders and liberal minded “with no thought of who’s going to pay for it” people. After awhile, those who come in with no intention of assimilating into our Laws, ethics, principles, standards, building a strong clean and fully cooperative house miss the purpose of a Free people. Every American realizes that “Press 1” for English should not be for any other language. We must realize that doing this to our own citizens is financially impossible. You can imagine how many numbers we would have to press to get past all the different languages. Border Security means a safe and protected People. It must be the belief that every person living in America is responsible to help in the advancement of this Great Nation. We must believe in the safety in our home. When legal documented immigrants come into America’s house, it must be with the respect of America’s Founding Father’s principles. It must be under One Constitution of the United States. This insures everyone will live freely day after day under the same rules. No, you can’t just come across our Borders without checking in, for those that do, take the freedoms away from those who were born or legally immigrated into our Laws. Secured borders means everything to the citizens of the United States. This is what your Department of Immigration must be, while following all laws and constraints; and when this is happening there are few problems for everyone.”

There are a bunch of words there and yet do you really know what the hell she is saying? I feel like she called Comcast one day and it started off in Spanish and then said “for English, press 2.” Does she really think that at some point Comcast will add Tagalog as an option? Honestly, I cannot tell if this is aimed at Muslims or Mexicans.

The real question is whether or not she receives more than 2,572 votes. That is the number of people who voted for her in 2012. I find that to be somewhat amazing. She had the 22nd most votes (20th if you take out “write-ins” and “none of these candidates”). What does that say about our two-party political system?