A Miracle!!!

Pirates beat the cubsIf the Pirates did not play the Cubs at all this year, then they would be 18-12. Unfortunately that is not how baseball works. And you never know, maybe the Buccos will sweep them next series and just like that they will be almost even. Although none of that will happen if the pitching staff does not get its act together. I know that the Pirates are waiting for the Super 2 status to pass for Jameson Taillon and Tyler Glasnow (the front office would never give that as a reason though, they would say something like “we had some thing we wanted them to work on in the minors…” even though everyone knows it is about the service time), but I just hope that this team has not buried itself in too much of a hole by then.

Oh well, none of that is worth getting too worked up over at the moment. For now let us celebrate that the Pirates can actually beat the Cubs. And remember the wise words of Dennis Green…

Everyone, the Pirates included, crowned the Cubs as champions before the season even started. It is time to start chipping away at that armor of invincibility.