Angel From Montgomery

My brother sent me this today. This was one of Dad’s favorite John Prine songs. I think I have mentioned the importance of John Prine before. I do not watch The Voice, but hopefully these two do well since they have such good taste.

People sometimes ask me if I find it hard to listen to John Prine now. Do I hear these songs and start crying? Oddly enough, no. These songs have an association to great memories with my father, so they make me happy. The stuff that makes me sad is the lack of future memories. I wish he was around to help me with stuff. I always think about what it would be like to build our own house and if he was still around, I think he would have been right there helping me (actually, he would have built it, I would just have carried boards around like I was 15 again). So no, remembering all the amazing times I had with my dad do not make me sad; remembering that there will never be new ones is what makes me cry.