Game of Thrones: Book of the Stranger

I will start every one of these posts off with this warning about spoilers. There will be plenty of spoilers. Seriously, if you have not watched the episode, do not read this post. I will also be mentioning stuff from the books. These are not straight up recaps of episodes, nor are they reviews. I will just mention the stuff I liked/disliked and probably give some opinions about what could happen next.

game-thrones-season-6-episode-4Wow, what an ending! Definitely not what I was expecting. I mean, I figured Daenerys would kill the Khals, but my assumption was that she would call for Drogon and he would crash through the roof and light them all on fire. Probably after a line from someone saying “and where is this stallion that will mount the world?” I actually liked the shows method a bit better. It shows that Dany is not afraid and that she does command. She had to have some help from her new friend (I wonder if that girl was able to recruit a few others, since I feel like someone would have noticed Jorah and Daario sneaking around barring the doors). Did Dany have to put some flammable material down in order for the flames to spread so quickly or was it all straw on the floor? Now she has her Dothraki army. Not just 40,000 that Khal Drogo commanded, but it looks like the full 100,000 Dothraki (or maybe it is less, Jorah says there are 100,000 down there, but he could mean total with the women and children, whatever, she has a bunch of badass horse warriors).

Quick side note. One of the things I love reading about in history is the rise of the people of the steppe region. They have been different groups over time, but basically the steppe region of eastern Europe to central Asia has produced some amazing warriors. Whether it be the Huns, Scythians, Mongols, or any of the other incredible nomadic horsemen over the years, they are all the inspiration for the Dothraki.

While we are still in Meereen, I loved the dialogue between Daario and Jorah. I do not know why, but the line “you did not have much discipline as a child?” followed by “none” really cracked me up. Also, Daario makes a great point about fighting Jorah “if I win, I am the shit who killed an old man, if I lose, I am the shit who was killed by an old man.” Seriously, I could probably watch those two trading barbs for a solid hour.

Jon-Snow-Sansa-Stark-Game-of-Thrones-Season-6How pissed will Daenerys be when she comes back to her city and finds out that Tyrion made a deal with the slavers? I feel like she will not be happy. Especially since she has an army of Dothraki at her back. Granted, she will probably just destroy the old masters and just say something like “a queen does not make deals.” Seriously, I should be a writer on the show. Also, remember the way the three masters looked at each other when Tyrion said that he was richer than any of them growing up? I wonder if that is because they know the truth about the Lannister fortune? Didn’t Tywin say that they were basically broke and they were borrowing from the bank in Pentos? Or is that just a book thing?

So it looks like we will be getting a showdown between bastards (although one of them is legit now). Snow versus Snow! Jon and Sansa are together and going to lead the Wildling army (I only think Tormund is down because he wants to bang Brienne) against Ramsay. I feel like the Northern Houses that are supposed to be supporting the Starks will be a little hesitant when they hear that a Wildling army is fighting against Northmen. Or maybe Jon could promise the Wildlings the Bolton lands if they defeat Ramsay. That might make everyone happy. I mean, the Wildlings could continue to flay and eat people and it would only be a little different than the normal Bolton fun that happens there.tormund

Ramsay is pretty confident about his ability to defeat Jon Snow. I have read in a few places that this kind of hubris will lead to his downfall, but I am wondering if he is taunting Jon because he knows that the North’s numbers are far more than 5,000. Remember, he knows that Sansa ran to Jon. Maybe he has 5,000 plus another 5,000 from the Littlejon. I wonder if the fight will look lost at first when Jon is outnumbered, but then Littlefinger and the Vale will show up to help save the day?

Speaking of Littlefinger, what is his overall plan? Does he think that by coming to the rescue of Sansa, she will fall in love with him? He probably could have had her back at the Vale. I am sure he will try to pull something like “I never knew Ramsay was a monster! Once I learned, I gathered the Vale’s army and we came to save you! And here I am.” Will he swear fealty to Sansa (will she be the Wardeness of the North or will Jon become the new head of House Stark)? So many questions…

The only thing I did not really care for was the High Sparrow stuff. I do not know why, but that story feels played out. Not the whole Faith Militant going against the Tyrell army or anything like that. I enjoy the idea of the poor rising up to fight the nobles. The whole Margaery still in jail and Loras being broken and all of that is just not that interesting at this point. I either want the trial by combat to happen soon so we can see FrankenMountain fight (will we be introduced to Brother Sandor?) or a massive civil war to erupt in King’s Landing. I do not need another walk of shame. Or another lecture about how rich people are terrible. Sorry High Sparrow, I will not be converting anytime soon.

Next week it looks like Bran will meet the Night’s King. I look forward to the showdown. I wonder if Bran can warg into a White Walker? That would be cool (hahahaha, I crack myself up).