Game of Thrones: Home

ramsayI will start every one of these posts off with this warning about spoilers. There will be plenty of spoilers. Seriously, if you have not watched the episode, do not read this post. I will also be mentioning stuff from the books. These are not straight up recaps of episodes, nor are they reviews. I will just mention the stuff I liked/disliked and probably give some opinions about what could happen next.

This was a pretty crazy episode. I mean, there was a ton of stuff going on even if you do not count the last few minutes, which I will get to in a bit. First I need to mention the horrible part of the episode. Ramsay learns about Sansa’s escape and the Roose discovers that Walda gave birth to a boy. Ramsay stabs his father and then takes Walda and his little brother to the kennel where he releases his dogs upon them, while Walda begs him to let her go. You knew it was coming. And yet it was still shocking. Ramsay is such an unlikable character, which is a bit rare in this series. I mean, at first you think a guy like Jaime is an evil dick (for pushing Bran out the window while banging his sister), but as you get to know him, you see the good in him. OR, look at Theon. You can see how he is a bit of a dick, then he betrays Robb and takes Winterfell and you begin to loathe, but then he has his redeeming moments. Plus, all the time, you are realizing that Theon is just doing all of this to impress his father. However, with Ramsay, you never get a moment to say “oh, that is the true Ramsay, he ain’t so bad!” He and Joffrey would have been great together.

Another terrifying moment came with Tyrion visiting the dragons. It was preceded by him uttering one of the best lines of the show:game-of-thonres-tyrion-lannister-i-drink-and-i-know-thingsbranravenI should probably make that my Facebook cover photo (something tells me about 23,396,324 people already did this). Tyrion has the brilliant idea to free the dragons because dragons do not do so well in captivity. As he approaches them though, I started to wonder if the show was replacing Quentyn Martell (son of Doran) with our favorite dwarf. In the book, Quentyn has the brilliant idea to ride one of the dragons. He dies in the process (horribly I might add) and the dragons are released. Every bit of sense I have was saying that Tyrion would be fine because obviously the show would never kill off one of it’s best characters. And then I realize that “oh yes they would!” Shit, Tyrion is about to be eaten by dragons. The show builds the suspense nice and slow with the torchlight flickering. In the end though, my initial thought was right and Tyrion emerges safely after freeing the two and tells Varys that if he ever has another stupid idea like that again to punch him in the face.

We finally get to see what Bran has been up to with the Three-eyed Raven. I kept waiting for Poe Dameron to show up and retrieve the map or for Kylo Ren to cut the old man down. I guess the season is still long and there is still enough time. Bran is able to see into the past and he witnesses his father, Benjen, and Lyanna practicing as youngsters. He also learns that Hodor is really named Wylis. I am guessing in the next episode we find out what happened at the Tower of Joy. Seriously, this better be where we discover the truth about Jon’s parentage. Also, I keep hearing a theory about how the episode will reveal not one, but two kids from R+L and that the other child will be Meera. I do not know how much I buy that one.

A few other things I found interesting:
-The show is keeping the Kingsmoot. I hope they find a way to make this interesting. Also, wasn’t the death of Balon Greyjoy a mystery in the books? They did not even try to hide that one here, we know that it is Euron.
-Jaime realizes the full power of the High Sparrow. I feel like there must be about a thousand articles already posted about this being commentary on the religious right’s influence on American politics. Or maybe they are all about the threat of fanaticism. Either way, I will not go there. I just want to enjoy the show.
-How long was Arya out there begging in the streets? I hope it was more than one or two days. Jaqen is pretty lenient on the show, if that is the case.
-Robert Strong! That entire scene was hilarious. The guy bragging about how Cersei wants him and then pissing on the ZombieKnight, to then having his head smashed into a wall. Loved it.


Okay, so the part you are all wanting to talk about. Davos convinces Melisandre to try her magic on Jon Snow. She does some sexual healing and says a few chants, but nothing happens. Then she gives up and everyone leaves the room. The camera shows Ghost sleeping, who opens his eyes, then they show Jon and his eyes pop open. HE IS ALIVE!!! Okay, did anyone really think he would be dead? My question is this: did he warg into Ghost (like is that where his mind went) and then Melisandre did her magic, which looked to heal the wounds and maybe use some of her fire magic to get his heart going, at that point, did he feel the pull of his own body and leave Ghost? Or do you think they will just chalk it up to fire magic and that he is Azor Ahai?

I thought for sure that Melisandre would have to sacrifice herself to bring Jon back. I mean, the revelation that she is an old woman and that she is losing her faith seemed like the perfect combination to have her try one last thing. Trade her life for Jon’s, but I am guessing fire magic does not work that way. The Lord of Light works in mysterious ways, or maybe he only likes young girls to be burnt alive for him.