Patio Update!

the stickI pulled this bad mo’fo out of the ground today! Could anything be more exciting than yanking a giant root from the ground? Nope. I cannot think of anything. Oh wait, yes I can. Paying someone to put a patio in.

Seriously, if you watch a video that says putting in a patio is easy and then convince yourself that it will be no problem. Come back to this post and look at that root. Think about the hours that it took to get that one root out and there are dozens more just as big. Think about how much dirt you will be removing. I am probably at 5 tons right now. That is just me, with my stupid shovel and dumb wheelbarrow.

Next time, I will just pay someone to do this shit. It is not fun. Not fun at all.

At least my hat and shirt match. I have something going for me. I hate digging. I am sick of digging. I want to break the shovel and just give up. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

It would not be so bad if most of our yard was not roots and brick. I am about 91% sure that there was either a brick sidewalk here at one point (hence the sign or fence post I found) OR I am actually excavating an ancient patio, which would really piss me off.