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It has been a month since I last posted about Star Wars, which is way too long.

Duel of the Fates
One of the best things about The Phantom Menace was the music during the final battle with Darth Maul. The fight was great, but I would argue that the musical score makes it exponentially better. Not too much about that movie actually stirs the emotions, except that song. If you were to rank the Star Wars songs (do you call them songs or would these be pieces?), where would you put this? I say third. The Imperial March, followed by the opening, then this one.

And if you want something pretty cool, here is a guy playing the drums along with “Duel of the Fates”

Rogue Onevader
Okay, enough videos. I have read multiple sites that have said that Darth Vader will be making more than just an appearance in Rogue One. It makes sense, since when we first meet Vader, he is boarding Princess Leia’s ship and looking for the stolen Death Star plans. It only stands to reason that he has been tracking those plans since they were initially stolen.

I also read that they recreated Vader’s costume to match the one he wore in A New Hope and not the one we saw at the end of Revenge of the Sith. I did not realize they were not exact matches. I know, that probably costs me some nerd points or something. One of the rumors claims that this movie will explain the reason why Darth Vader seems so stiff against Obi-Wan Kenobi. If you are trying to avoid any possible spoilers, then you should stop reading here…

The rumor has it that the person in the tank is actually Vader while he is having repairs done on his body. Basically he is at the shop getting a tune up. The new mechanical limbs are very stiff and need some adjustment, hence why he is not the master swordsman that we saw a few years prior when he was Anakin.

I like this idea, it also would make a fight with a non-Force user seem a bit more plausible. Maybe the part of him that is still Anakin Skywalker thinks he can defeat some normal dude no problem. And then his limbs move slowly and he has troubles swinging his lightsaber. Boom, the fight looks a bit more even. Yes, I realize he could just Force Choke everyone or just use the Force to make the person stop moving, but the movies always ignore those things. Just like using the Force to turn off someone’s lightsaber

Young Han Solo
They have finally cast the actor for the early adventures of our favorite scruffy looking Nerfherder: Alden Ehrenreich. Yeah, I never heard of him.alden
han solo film teaserIt is interesting that he was in the Coen Brothers new film Hail, Caesar! I wonder if the Star Wars casting director is a big fan of their movies, or maybe it is the same person. I know, I could look it up, but what is the fun in that?

I loved that the director posted the picture of Han’s blaster and said something like “cannot wait to begin shooting.”

My biggest hope for the movie is that this is the story of how he rescues Chewbacca. I know this is no longer canon, but the story from the expanded universe was always great. Although, I am not sure how much of it was ever expanded or if they always left it rather vague just in case someone wanted to tell the whole story. All I remember is that Chewbacca was being held as a prisoner/slave (the Emperor is very xenophobic and pro-alien slavery) and Han rescues the Wookiee. Chewie feels that he owes Han his life and decides to stay with him. They eventually become best friends. I would love the early dynamic to be somewhat tense, Han not really wanting this walking hairball around, but then as the movie goes on, Chewie and Han grow on each other…

I think it would also be great if the story of Han winning the Millennium Falcon from Lando is in the movie. I feel like Chewbacca must have been around for that, so it would seem that Han did not have the Falcon when they became friends. Why do I say that? Well, if you remember, Lando is still mad at Han about the stunt he pulled, which is the Falcon. Maybe Han cheated at cards or something (or at least Lando thinks that?). Lando greets Chewie and asks what he is still doing with Han…soooo, it would seem that Han and Chewie were having adventures before the Falcon.

Also, a cool ending for the movie would be Han meeting with Jabba the Hutt to take smuggling contract. Maybe the big, climatic scene in the movie is Han and Chewbacca flying the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs, which brings him to the attention of Jabba, who hires him. We all know what happens next, Han dumps his cargo and Jabba puts a bounty on his head. I just think that initial meeting of Han and Jabba would be great because it ends with some familiarity and if Disney wants to, they can make a sequel about that incident and what leads Han back to Tatooine.

Okay, this should be enough for at least another month, right?


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