The Flash/Arrow/Supernatural Finales

The shows I watch on the CW ended this week and the finales were pretty interesting. Some were better than others, but they were all entertaining. There will probably be spoilers, so if you have not watched the shows yet then you should stop reading now.

flash vs zoomThe Flash
Zoom challenges Barry to a race. Winner take all. The team figures out that he is going to use some weapon to destroy the multiverse and it needs the speed of Barry and Zoom combined to power it. It was actually funny, my initial reaction to the challenge was to say “damn it Barry, just say no. Why doesn’t anyone just talk some sense into him?” Then Joe comes along and says “Barry, don’t race him. Just say no.” I actually laughed and sent the show my resume. I have not heard back.

The team traps Barry in one of the cells because he is too angry to fight Zoom. They hatch a plan to defeat Zoom and it basically works except that Joe gets sucked into the breach as well. Wally finds out what happened and frees Barry. The Flash then races against Zoom and defeats him by using a time remnant. His other self sacrifices himself to save everyone while Barry is able to fight Zoom.

At the end of the show, it is revealed that the man in the iron mask is actually the real Jay Garrick, who is the doppelganger of Dr. Henry Allen. Barry is a bit freaked out (he remembers that his dad told him that Garrick was his mother’s maiden name or something). Anyways, that Flash takes Harry and his daughter back to Earth-2, where they plan to help Jay make it back to Earth-3. I wonder if Earth-3 will be where Supergirl is from since the show is moving to the CW?

I liked all of that stuff. It was a pretty great finale and the fight with Zoom lived up to the hype. Barry did not need to kill Zoom, instead he allowed the Time Force to do it for him. And yet there was something that pissed me off. The actual ending with Barry and Iris. Every single one of these shows has to do this. I think Smallville probably started it, Clark loves Lana, once she realizes she loves him, then Clark is not ready for a relationship, blah blah blah. And The Flash is no different. Iris is ready to begin their relationship and Barry says that too much has happened and he is just not there. Iris says she will wait, but you know come next season there will be a point where she is tired of waiting, then she will meet a new guy and at that point Barry will lament what he has lost. Ugh, it makes me annoyed.

And do not even get me started on where the show actually ended. Barry goes back in time and saves his mom from the Reverse Flash. You would think Barry would know by now that messing with time is not a good idea. I feel like this will be settled fairly early next season. Maybe Rip and the rest of the Legends will show up to stop Barry and fix his meddling. Or maybe when Barry comes back to the present, he will find everything worse. Who knows…that is why I am still sure that the Iris/Barry dynamic will follow the Clark/Lana path. The time change will not be permanent.

Arrow -- "Schism " -- Image AR423b_0067b.jpg -- Pictured: Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen -- Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.


There were parts of this one that I liked and a bunch of stuff that I did not like. The nuclear missile thing was a bit crazy. You mean to tell me that there thousands of nukes flying everywhere and basically Team Arrow is the only group trying to stop it? Will this be another one of those times when the Flash shows up and says “oh hey, sorry I could not help with that nuke thing, I was fighting Zoom.” Hell, even Zoom would want to stop the destruction of the entire planet (since he chose this one to keep). Do not get me started on how they stop the missiles! They just hack into them and change course for them to explode in space. What would happen if you exploded that many nuclear bombs just outside the Earth’s atmosphere? And do missiles like that, which have already flown many miles, have enough fuel to reach space? Ugh.

The ending is what was important though. The team is broken. Oliver is the interim mayor of Star City. John is back in the military, Thea is done with being Speedy, Captain Lance is going away, and who knows what Felicity is doing. Will she and Ollie get back together? Will she get her job back as the worst CEO ever? Will Curtis become Mr. Terrific? Also, does this mean the flashbacks to the island are over? The final one showed Waller giving Oliver his stuff that he showed up with in the first season. His bow, hood, and father’s journal.

chuck and amaraSupernatural
The show finally brought God into the mix. Why the hell not? And what did they do with him? Well they turned God and Amara into a brother/sister dynamic. Then they added Lucifer back into the mix so that we could have some father/son issues. It was pretty annoying. In the end though, Amara realizes that what her brother created was beautiful and that she cannot let him die. God stops the soul-bomb within Dean and Amara gives him one final gift: his mother is alive.

It sounds like I hated the episode, but in fact, there was one aspect that I actually enjoyed. The British lady. I have no clue who she works for and what her deal is (if they mentioned it, then I missed it). She shows up and tells Sam that her bosses are tired of Sam & Dean’s screw-ups (she lists off all the things they have messed up) and points a gun at him. Sam says that they can talk about it and that she is not going to shoot him. The scene cuts out and we hear a gunshot.

My guess is that next season we have Dean and Mary return to the bunker to find Sam dying. Maybe he actually dies and the new duo has to find a way to bring him back. Or he does not die (could a season end without a Winchester dying?) and the three of them go after this mysterious organization. I imagine that there will be some even crazier big bad. Or maybe it would be cool if they took it back to something simple. Hell, maybe a human organization would be the perfect enemy. Remember the episode where they were kidnapped by just plain old psychopaths? I always found that to be interesting.