Today is Sunday

Today is just one of those random days. I figured instead of writing about any one thing, I will just write about a bunch of stuff that is rattling around in my brain. Sorry if it is a jumbled mess. It is Sunday, no one reads what I write on Sunday regardless.

Game of Thrones
Promise me NedTonight is the season finale. Obviously, I am pretty excited. It seems crazy to me that this could be the moment where we learn whether or not R+L=J. I feel like GRRM would want to save that for his books, but I guess the show figures there is like a 19% chance he will not finish them, so they may as well just go for it. Yes, I realize that GRRM has input on the show. I also should probably mention that my memory was a bit foggy about Tyrion and the wildfire for the Battle of the Blackwater. If I recall, Cersei was having the pyromancers make some and Tyrion discovered what she was doing and he ordered them (who were able to make it much faster after the dragons hatched) to produce more for the defense of King’s Landing. I was mistaken in thinking that they discovered the Mad King’s secret stash. I also completely forgot about Daenerys vision of the Iron Throne when she visits the House of the Undying. It looks like the throne room has been destroyed. I think we all assumed this to be snow and maybe meaning that the White Walkers would take King’s Landing. Now I wonder if that destruction is from wildfire.

Here is another question and this one is a bit more fun. If we ever see Rhaegar Targaryen, who should play the Dragon Prince? One of my favorite things about the books has been the slow reveal about Rhaegar’s character. Early on we just hear about him kidnapping and raping Lyanna Stark. Robert describes him as an evil man, like the Mad King. As the books continue though, characters constantly drop little nuggets about how great he was, especially Ser Barristan Selmy. It would be pretty great to see the character brought to the screen, but honestly have no clue who should play him.

Dark Tower
OyI know, I either write about GOT or the DT, so why not combine both in one post? As I have said a few times in recent months, I am listening to the DT series via Audible. I am on the seventh book now and yesterday while driving to work, (HUGE SPOILER COMING!) the saddest part in the series happened: the death of Oy. It hit me pretty hard this time around, probably because I imagine Samson when I think of Oy. Do not get me wrong, each death has elicited tears, but this one hit me hardest (I think the other two times I have read the series it was Jake’s death that got me). I went into work and the other manager was like “is everything okay?” I felt silly having to explain why I looked like I had been crying. I am such a sissy.

Seriously though, how can you not cry when Oy saves Roland’s life from Mordred and is impaled upon a tree branch? Especially after Roland was mean to the billy-bumbler and how even Roland is deeply affected by the animal’s sacrifice. Do you remember Oy’s last word? “Oland.” And then he dies. Ugh!

After Jake died and Roland thinks Oy will stay at the grave to watch over his fallen friend, we all know that Jake told Oy something important. For one thing he was the one who warned Roland of Dandelo, but also, Jake told Oy to protect Roland from Mordred. That was the poor billy-bumbler’s final purpose. Once it was complete he was able to go to the clearing at the end of the path and hopefully be reunited with Jake once again (for there are other worlds than these).

Damn, just thinking about it makes me want to weep. I think I will give Samson a hug.

Gun Laws
I know, you are tired about hearing guns. So am I. This is not another rant or anything like that. I just want to point that in Hawaii, laws were passed to force all guns to be registered (or something to that effect, I did not read much about it, so do not quote me or hold my lack of knowledge against me). Obviously people are flipping out about this, but the thing that cracks me up is that conservatives always say everything should be a state issue. And yet, when a state decides to make a law that they do not like…well you get the point. It just made me laugh. I am sure someone will respond with “blah blah blah 2nd amendment, blah blah blah, do not take away my rights, blah blah blah.”

I am not even going to pretend to be an expert on the entire Great Britain leaving the EU debacle. All I can say is that if you are only motivation for something is fear and that fear trumps all common sense, then it is probably not a good idea. If you want a better handle on the whole thing, watch Last Week Tonight.

I have to post a picture of Samson, it is a law! Have a great Sunday!

Samson chill