Dr. Strange Trailer #2

I have said before how I am excited for this movie. Mainly because I want to see if Marvel will have the balls to go a different direction. I thought for sure they would try to explain Strange’s mystic powers as something science-based (or alien technology). Instead, it looks like they are going full mind-altering weirdness with this movie. And yet, they are not leaving their comfort zone too much. I have a feeling the plot will follow the same progression as most of the Marvel films. It is not a bad thing, but I thought this might be their chance to try something new.

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    1. In the movie? Not really. We learned that she and her brother were the subject of experiments by Baron Strucker. In the comics she is a mutant, who after a few retcons does use chaos magic. However, in these movies, I believe she and her brother were granted abilities via the Baron’s experiments.

      1. I feel like they leave it intentionally vague. She’s an “enhanced individual”. But if what she does doesn’t qualify as magic, I’m not sure what does. Wouldn’t they refer to Steven Strange as an enhanced individual as well? They actually mention him in Winter Soldier.

        1. Possibly, but Strange is not really enhanced by experimentation (or science). Instead he uses ancient spells to alter reality.

          I am pretty sure her main power in the movie was telekinesis. Unless I missed something. Marvel has to be vague with her because of the whole Fox issue…

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