Justice League, Wonder Woman, and Suicide Squad Trailers

Alright, I posted about the Marvel television shows and now it is time to give the DC movies a chance. I know, I know, some of you are groaning and saying “please god, make it stop!” Whatever, I liked BvS:DoJ and I am excited for the rest of the DC movies.

It definitely looks like they are going with a different feel for Justice League than BvS:DoJ. I wonder if that was always the case or if it is a reaction to the hatred of the movie? I tend to think this was part of the plan all along (they may have had to tweak things a bit though). It just makes sense, there was a reason why Batman was so angry, so hopeless (maybe we will learn about that in Suicide Squad or in the Ben Affleck directed Batman movie…), aside from Superman and Zod killing people he knows and destroying most of Metropolis. The Batman in this trailer seems to have been inspired by Superman’s sacrifice and maybe has a little thing for a certain princess…

I loved the meeting between him and Barry, but it looks like Arthur Curry is going to steal the show here. It would be pretty damn awesome if Aquaman ends up being the super-badass of the film, since he is always the butt of jokes. I have always been an Aquaman fan. I would highly recommend reading Grant Morrison’s run on JLA. He did some pretty cool things with Aquaman. Actually Morrison’s entire JLA run was great, he definitely understood the characters.

I know, I already gushed about how much I liked the poster. The trailer did not disappoint. In fact, it was actually even better than I had hoped. I kept wondering what origin story they might used for Wonder Woman and I was pleased to hear her say that she was created by Zeus. It looks like this movie will be action-packed with enough humor to make it fun. I hope this movie does well. DC/WB has taken a huge chance. They are hoping that comic book fans are not so horribly sexist that they will skip out on a movie because a woman is the lead character. Marvel has not taken that chance yet. Despite fans urging them to make a Black Widow film, they continue to go the safe route. Hell, the closest they have come is with Jessica Jones.  I am not trying to get up on a soapbox or anything, but if people want to see more diverse films being made, especially in the superhero genre, then they actually have to go out and see a movie when it has a strong female lead. Ladies, do not allow the sexist comic book fanboys cause this movie to fail.

I realize this is not really a trailer, but a feature of the soundtrack. However, there seems to be some new footage in there. It looks like there is a larger threat, could it be that the Suicide Squad will be going up against something and they fail, which is what causes Bruce to assemble the Justice League? Hmmmm…just a possibility.