The Atrocity of Email

email-2Some of you may have missed the big news about the leaked emails of the DNC. Just kidding, they were all over the news. Most people were focusing on the stuff about how the DNC was actively against Bernie Sanders, but another story came out that annoyed me. This is the story about the staffer who did not want to write a statement for a Jewish holiday commemorating the Holocaust.

For those that do not want to read the story, here is what happened. The DNC Chairwoman asks if they had a statement prepared for Yom Hashoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day). Here is the response:Pic 1To which the person responded with:Pic 2And the staffer comes back with:Pic 3This is what annoys me about emails. To me, reading the tone of the message, it sounds like person does not want to have to write a statement since there is already a statement out there from Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Yes, the woman must not know what the holiday is, but she is just trying to make a point that they cannot be writing statements for every single religious holiday out there. And even after learning that it was for the Holocaust, she still makes a valid point about other genocides as well.

I am saying she makes a valid point. I do not agree with her. She should probably be crafting statements for all of those remembrances. Especially if her job is to write statements. I mean, be honest here, how hard is it to write one of those statements?

But all of that is a moot point. This lady sent an email to someone else. She was trying to get out of some work. Be honest here, have you never sent an email to someone at work that if others read would probably make you look bad? How many of you have received a company memo, then emailed some of your coworkers to complain about it. Or make fun of it? Yeah, I bet all of us have done that at one time or another Do you ever worry that you hit Reply All after you send something? If so, you probably said something in there that you did not want everyone to read.

That is what this non-story is about. This person responded to an email, assuming that no one would ever put it out in the public for the entire world to read. I know, people always say that you should never write anything in an email that you would not want the entire world to read…but who really takes that advice?

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  1. Calling a Holocaust remembrance day a “Jewish Holiday” is like calling 9/11 a holiday celebrated by Financial Executives.

    That being said, I haven’t missed your actual point.

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