No Longer It

its a girlYesterday was the ultrasound and we learned the sex of our child. If you remember, I recently posted a poll, which allowed people to try and predict the outcome. It seems that most people were wrong. 63% of the voters thought boy. It was fun hearing some of the reasons people would come up with to justify their vote. “Has Lindsey been sleeping with her right arm above her head for 43 minutes each night? Yep, definitely a boy.”

I was blown away by the whole ultrasound thing. You see people post pictures and whatnot, but usually I can barely make out the kid and just nod and politely say “oh, that’s neat.” I do not know if the technology has improved leaps & bounds in the past ten years or whatever, but damn! Some of the shots were so clear and so amazing. I did not know they could see the heart and different organs. I just assumed they peaked inside, got a picture of the baby, and that was the end of it.

Unfortunately, we forgot to bring a disc, so we only got the pictures.

I am excited to welcome our little girl into this world. We are halfway there and we still have so much to do…like paint the nursery…pick a name…register…have a shower…yikes, we better get moving!

In case you wondered, Samson is excited about the prospect of a little sister.Samson waiting for sister