Suicide Squad

12489243_1674589672821667_4430624289856009994_oJust like with Batman v Superman, this movie has come out and there seems to be much hate from the critics and a good bit of love from the fans. I am not one of the people who thinks that the critics are in the pocket of Marvel or anything like that. I think the DCEU films have gotten a bad rap, which sucks because I think they are good movies. The funny thing is that everyone always wants to compare these to the Marvel movies and you just cannot do that, since DC has decided to go a different route. If they copied the Marvel formula, then everyone would have a fit that these movies were just carbon copies of the MCU.


That brings us to the question: did I like the movie? Yeah. I liked it. I did not love it. I thought the beginning was fantastic. The buildup was pretty good, but then the movie started to fizzle out. I did not really like the villain or their end plan. I think it would have been better if Enchantress and her brother were causing the people of Midway City to worship them as gods. I do not understand what weapon they were creating to destroy the world or how a bomb was able to take them out. I actually thought that maybe the villain would turn out to be Steppenwolf (who is supposedly the bad guy for Justice League) and that the Suicide Squad would not really succeed in stopping him, just slow him down…which would then prompt Bruce to form a team of superheroes…

I thought the strength of the movie was the cast. As everyone in the universe has said, Margot Robbie was great as Harley Quinn. I was actually more impressed with Will Smith as Deadshot. I hated the casting when I first heard it. He definitely won me over though. Smith pulled off Deadshot better than I could have hoped and they really played up the fact that Floyd Lawton does all of this for his daughter. There was a great Deadshot mini-series a few years ago that had him learning of his daughter and she was living in a rough part of Star City, so Deadshot goes there and basically wages a one-man war on the gangs. It was interesting and showed a different side to the bad guy.

I should probably admit to being a huge fan of Joel Kinnaman and want to see him in more movies. One of my favorite scenes with him was when Deadshot was showing off his shooting skills at the prison and everyone looks impressed…everyone except Rick Flag. The whole bond between those two characters was interesting and something that I enjoyed. The only character I would probably complain about was Captain Boomerang. I thought Jai Courtney was good, but they never really found a use for him.

This brings me to the Joker. I liked Jared Leto’s very weird performance. I do not think the movie used the character well at all. I think they could have done without having him in the actual story, maybe just use him for the flashbacks and then at the end to break Harley out. Or drop the Enchantress story and have the Joker as the main villain. I guess all of those theories about this Joker actually being Robin are not true as well, since during the list of crimes on Harley Quinn, it listed killing Robin (or did it say Jason Todd?).

The Batman and Flash cameos were great.

I enjoyed the mid-credits scene of Waller and Bruce Wayne. Does Waller know that Bruce is Batman? Did she hint that she knows? how-far-will-suicide-squad-explore-the-deadshot-and-harley-quinn-love-story-988517My favorite scene in the movie was probably when the monsters were attacking them and Deadshot jumps on the car and starts shooting down hundreds of the things. So much so that all of the actual troops stop and watch him in awe. Even Rick Flag watches him and you can tell that is the point where his opinion of hitman has started to change.

Anyways, let me know what you thought of the movie.