2016 Presidential Election: First Debate

trump-vs-hrcLast night was the first debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Unfortunately, I was at work and did not get a chance to watch it, but followed closely on my phone and then watched the highlights all morning about it. From what I have seen, it seems to me that HRC handed Trump a defeat. She came across as a leader. He rambled on and gave idiotic answers with very little facts. Obviously, if you know me, you know that I am certainly biased against Trump. I do not want this post to turn into a “why HRC is better than Trump” post. If you are a fervent Trump supporter, there is nothing I can say to change your mind. Instead, I want to focus on a few different groups of people.

Closet Trump Supporters
This is the group that scares the shit right out of me. These are the people who will say they will not vote for Trump, but then will say something like “but you do have to admit, he has some good points.” I feel like these are generally people who are deep down, very racist, but have had to mask that racism for years. You probably know people like this, they say things like “hey, I am not racist, but stereotypes exist for a reason!” These people will walk into that booth in November and vote for Trump and then pretend like they voted for a third party. I think so many of those undecided voters out there are embarrassed to admit they want to vote for Trump. Those are the people that scare me.
Common Phrase:  “I don’t like the guy, but he brings up good points.”

Third-Party Advocates
Look, I get it. You want to find a party that fits your beliefs. Hell, that was the point of me writing about some of the smaller parties. I have said for awhile now that I wanted a third party to make it into the debate in order to shake things up. And yet, now I realize that this is not the time for it. I know, when will it be an appropriate time? If these third parties want to have a shot at winning a Presidential election, then they need to start small. Win some state senate jobs, maybe a few seats in Congress. Hell, a couple of Green Party or Libertarian governors. Convince more people to join your party at the local level, then build up. Stop trying to jump right in at the biggest level. Say what you want about Dan Savage, but he had a pretty great response to the third party issue. He is right though, get some city council members elected before you try to win the presidency. Also, if you are voting for Gary Johnson because you think he is similar to Bernie Sanders then you are an idiot. Bernie and Libertarians could not be more opposed to each other. Jill Stein likes to court the anti-vaccine crowd. Johnson believes that climate change is not an issue because the sun will eventually blow up. Get the fuck outta here with these stupid ideas.

These people also believe that since both candidates lie that there must be a better alternative. John Oliver did a great piece this week about how Hillary and Trump are not equal when it comes to their lies and scandals.

Common Phrase:  “They both suck, so I am voting for __________!”

Never Hillary
These people really have no actual reason, they just do not like Hillary Clinton. I can understand that to an extent. I mean, she does not seem like the type of person I would enjoy sitting around discussing baseball. I feel like Bill Clinton, George W, or Obama would be fun to hang out with and shoot the shit. However, that does not mean I am going to vote for the person who is a racist asshole. I have also noticed that when these people are asked why they hate HRC, they usually just respond with something stupid like “I hate her laugh.” Or they will just double-down on Benghazi. Or post a bunch of Killary memes. These people are okay with voting for Trump because of some hatred of Hillary Clinton. These people also believe the country is in shambles because of Obama and believe that Hillary will be even worse. They basically do not live in reality.
Common Phrase: “This country cannot survive four years of Hillary!”

These are the people that worry me. These are the people who will help Donald Trump win this election. It is up to all of us to either convince these folks, or convince the truly undecided to vote for Hillary Clinton. This country will not be better after four years of Trump.