The Rivalry: Pitt/Penn State…

First, I need to congratulate Pitt fans. The Panthers defeated the Nittany Lions  42-39. It is great for this rivalry to be renewed. As much as we (Penn State fans) like to pretend that Pitt is not our rival, it is just not true. As much as we try, we cannot force Michigan or Ohio State to treat us as rivals. The Big Ten cannot create an artificial rivalry with Maryland or Rutgers. Penn State and Pitt need to play every year, the schools need to lock this down now. 
With that being said, there need to be some ground rules for the two fan bases.

  1. No Sandusky Jokes-I know they are easy to make, but they are old, they are tired. And stop saying things like all PSU fans are child molesters. That is just dumb.
  2. Cancer Sucks-I should not have to say this, but if you make a joke about James Conner’s battle with cancer, then you are an asshole. In fact, if you wish any player to get hurt, you are a horrible person. I don’t care what fan base. 
  3. Be Classy-We can have fun at each other’s expense, but we can remain classy. Penn State fans, we lost, be gracious and concede to Pitt fans for the year. They won fair and square. We want to be a classy rivalry, not Alabama/Auburn. 
  4. No Cherry Picking-Penn State leads the series 50-43-4. That is all-time. I hate when someone says “we dominated from 1988 to 1999.” Who cares? The only other thing you should brag about is if there is a current winning streak. Pitt has a two game winning streak. They can brag it up. Penn State fans do not get to say “we won 23 straight in the 1920s.” Fuck off, no one cares.
  5. Football Only-If your team loses, do not try and bring another sport up. For example: Penn State fans should not say “at least our wrestling team is better.” And Pitt fans should not bring up how much better they are at basketball. 
  6. Great Schools-Both universities are great schools. There is no need to bash each other academically. I hate when I hear a PSU fans say “well at least our engineering program is better than Pitt’s.” What does that have to do with football? Also, if you did not actually attend the university and are just a fan (nothing wrong with that), please do not bash the academics of the other school. And finally, do not brag about your school’s engineering program or medical school, if you are not in that program. Nothing annoys me more.

If we follow these simple things, then we can renew this storied rivalry and force the administrators to make it happen every year. Can we have it officially named the Keystone Classic? I actually like the name. 

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