2016 Fantasy Baseball Championship

championshipjason-offordA new champion has emerged! After years of Ryan’s fantasy baseball dominance, someone finally rose up from mediocrity to defeat the tyrant! Congratulations Offord on such an impressive victory. As you can see, it was not even close. Offord dominated all week and never let up. Great victory. And a great season for both players. They battled all season for the top spot and it is cool that it came down to the two of them in the finals.

Congratulations is also in order for Matt, who crushed Gideon for third place. In the consolation bracket, Lindsey dominated her way through her matches and defeated Jason for seventh place. James eked out a win from Pat, while Dustin decided not to finish in last place by beating Adam2. The final standings after the playoffs goes like this:


A few odds and ends (I will probably mention this more come January, but keep in mind now). This is a keeper league. You need to keep three players. You do not have to keep three, you can keep two, one, or zero. The keepers are factored into the first three rounds of the draft. The draft order will be the reverse of what you see above (I think that is the most fair way to do it, regular season is great, but the playoffs are what matters).  I will let everyone know when I need their keepers.

I really want to have a live draft, but after discussion with Offord and Lindsey, it may not be the most feasible idea. I mean, having a bunch of guys over (and using Skype or whatever for those of you too far to come up) with a two month old, might be a terrible idea. Maybe I will give the live draft a test run for football and then have a live baseball draft in 2018. I know, that seems so far away. IF, we would decide to make this a money league, who would stay in and who would be out? How much would you be willing to play for? Just a few things to think about…

It was another great season (this may have been our best season yet) and I look forward to a great 2017! Thank you all and congrats to Offord for being our new champion!

Okay, I quickly need to mention the other leagues. First, congrats to Offord for winning the championship in Pat’s league (that was the league I won last year). I finished third this year by beating Ryan. Also, Offord created a league that was not a keeper league or dynasty. Just a normal one. Gideon was the champion by defeating Ryan, while I ended up in 4th.