2016 NFL Pick ‘Em Week 7 & Fantasy Football Week 6

Alright, I did a little better this past week: eight right! Adam2 was the leader with nine. Lindsey and Sean only got six, while Ryan managed seven. Looks like I am moving on up! Ryan is still in the lead by two over Lindsey and Sean. I am in fourth place and now only ten behind Ryan. Good for me! After that we have Adam2, Mom, Jason, Adam, Gideon, and Offord. Anyone can still win it. Anyone minus Offord since I think he stopped making picks. week-7Ugh, the ship is sinking pretty quickly now. I should have never said a damn thing about doing well. My family now has Supreme Bragging Rights over. Adam and Lindsey have both destroyed me at fantasy football, and in the end crushed my spirits. I have no clue whether or not I can go on…okay, I am being dramatic. I can still continue.week-6Standings
Offord (5-1)
Lindsey (4-2)
Gideon (4-2)
Adam (4-2)
Ryan (4-2)
Josh (3-3)
Jason (3-3)
Seth (3-3)
BatmanJason (2-4)
Jarrod (2-4)
Dustin (1-5)
Jessica (1-5)

Here we go…Ryan has now won four in a row. Someone needs to stop him. Sadly, Jessica has the task of trying to bring him down. Yikes, probably not happening. Offord continues to dominate and he should have no problems this week with Seth. I take on Gideon and will probably be destroyed. Especially if Shady McCoy is out. Lindsey takes on Jason and another win for her should make it almost unbearable to live in this house. Please Jason, for all that is sacred in this universe, please beat my wife…hmm, that sounded horrible.