Teaching Creation


When someone tells me that we should teach creationism in science classes, I generally laugh and dismiss the person. However, if someone really wants to teach it and try to give it equal weight to science, then by all means please include other creation myths as well.

My favorite comes from the Hittites about how Kumarbi bites off the penis of Anu, which causes him to become impregnated with Teshub. I remember the text making a point that Kumarbi definitely spits out the semen. Sorry it has been a few years since I read it and I am not going to the attic to find my copy of Hittite Myths by Hoffner.

I have no problem with schools teaching creation myths or a world religions course. I am pretty sure we learned about the five major religions in social studies in like fifth grade. I remember going a little deeper with others in 7th grade and even learning about Zoroastrianism and a few others. As long as the teacher is not trying to convince kids of one specific religion over another.

Also, am I the only person that keeps thinking this picture says “The Ungambikula made humans out of boobs”?