This is Us (Yes, The Show Everyone Posts About)

nbc-this-is-us-aboutimage-1920x1080-koI caught a few bits & pieces of the first episode when we were at the beach. My first thought was “whoa, Pete from Heroes is still around?” I saw the ending and the twist intrigued me enough to want to rewatch the episode when we made it home. From there, I was hooked. I am not lying when I say that each episode makes me tear up multiple times per episode. By that I mean, a single tear comes to my eye. Do not worry, I am not trying to sound like some tough guy. Those moments happen often during the show, but there are also full on crying parts. These happen about once an episode.

My initial thought was that maybe this is touching some emotional nerve since Lindsey and I are about to have a baby of our own. The first episode deals with some pretty scary stuff for two people expecting their first child. However, I have noticed all sorts of people on social media saying similar things about the show. That tells me that this is just a good show. If you are not watching it, I highly recommend it.

Do not take my word for it though. I have told Lindsey about the show a few times and said that she should definitely watch it. Lindsey does not generally like to start new shows. Nor does she really become all that emotional during a television show or movie. Last night I convinced her to watch the first one. She liked it and I think I saw a tear forming somewhere. She said to play the next episode. I could see a few reactions, but nothing major. She said she liked it and wanted to continue with third episode. Hmm, now for those of you that know us or follow my movie posts, this is somewhat insane. Lindsey falls asleep during movies and shows. It took us months to watch Lost because she would watch an episode then fall asleep halfway through the next one. Then the next night we would have to watch that episode again.

The third episode made her cry. She was just sobbing and I contemplated not watching the next one, but we did and again, she shocked me by staying awake. So there you have it. If you were on the fence about watching this show, you need no further proof or endorsement. My wife likes it and is willing to stay awake during an episode.

For those of you that do watch the show, what do you think happened to Jack? Is he dead? The necklace really points to him being dead. Also, none of the kids mention calling their dad on their shared birthday. However, I have been trying to think of other scenarios. Did Jack and Rebecca divorce? That would make sense why Kevin is so heart-felt about Alan Thicke being a terrible father on the Man-ny. Would she still wear the necklace though? Maybe. Perhaps she still secretly pines for him. Maybe she just really loves the necklace. I do not know. Really though, he is dead and something tells me he died in a tragic way. Anyone else have theories?

Also, some people have speculated that Jack is a cop. The evidence is that when he runs to get the car when they leave the hospital he says that the car seats are cop approved. Does he seem like a cop? I do not know if I buy it. He comes off as more of a sales guy.

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