2016 NFL Pick ‘Em Week 10 and Fantasy Football Week 9

I was having a nice string of good weeks and then it all came back to normal. I only predicted six right last week. Granted, everyone ahead of me was the same and only Gideon and Offord picked more (11 and 7 respectively). The standings stay the same, except that Gideon climbed up to fifth place. Offord is making a comeback now that he is paying attention. Only thirty points behind Adam2…week-10I was pretty excited about Sunday. I figured with Evans already scoring 43.00 points, I had a very good chance to beat Offord. And then his team just decides to go into Destroy Josh Mode. Ugh. I hate fantasy football…week-9

Offord (7-2)
Adam (7-2)
Lindsey (6-3)
Gideon (6-3)
Ryan (5-4)
Seth (5-4)
Josh (4-5)
Jason (4-5)
BatmanJason (3-6)
Jessica (3-6)
Dustin (2-7)
Jarrod (2-7)

I thought for sure Lindsey was going to lose to Ryan, since two of her receivers netted her a whopping 1.50 points. Then the New Orleans Saints game happened and her three players scored 72 combined points. She was a little mad at me because she said “should I start Maclin or Mike Wallace?” My response “eh, the Steelers have been good at stopping receivers all year, I would start Maclin.” Then Wallace had the 95 yard TD and I was like “oops, my bad.” She still won, so that is all that matters.

This week I take on BatmanJason, while Lindsey battles Seth. Offord has an easy match with Jarrod, while my brother faces Ryan. If Ryan and Seth lose, while myself and Jason win, there will be a nice cluster of 5-5 teams. Yay for mediocrity!