2016 NFL Pick ‘Em Week 11 and Fantasy Football Week 10

This was not a very good week for any of us. I managed seven correct, which was just one behind the leader (Jason). Lindsey is in first place and since Ryan forgot to do his picks (I am assuming, since he had zero). Sean is in second and only three behind, while Ryan is in third, but only a point ahead of me. I am six behind my wife and need two very big weeks to pass her up. After me we have Jason, Mom, Gideon, Adam2, Adam, and Offord. Just think, if my brother could have three 10+ weeks in a row and the top people stay in the five or six range, he could be right back in it!

week-11This was such a shitty loss. All of my guys played in the 1:00 games (so did Lindsey’s, which we thought was very coincidentally odd) and after the Steelers terrible loss, it looked like BatmanJason was still in it. He needed 29.50 from Russell Wilson. That should be easy, but this season Wilson had only scored more than that 3 times. I figured I had a very good chance at preserving a win. Wilson decided to destroy my dreams by not only surpassing that 29.50, but putting up 53.40. Ugh, so freakin’ annoying. Actually, the most annoying this would be Ezekiel Elliot’s 83-yard reception for a touchdown. Granted, it would not have mattered, but I feel like if Wilson knows he needs 40 points, then he chokes under pressure. Yes, I believe he checks our league.


Offord (8-2)
Adam (8-2)
Gideon (7-3)
Lindsey (6-4)
Seth (6-4)
Jason (5-5)
Ryan (5-5)
Josh (4-6)
BatmanJason (4-6)
Jessica (3-7)
Dustin (2-8)
Jarrod (2-8)

Offord continues to dominate. Adam and Gideon both skated by with wins, but Offord absolutely steamrolled Jarrod. Lindsey also lost this week to Seth. I hate to keep harping on the point differential, but the Yahoo recap says that if Lindsey played Seth’s schedule, she would be 7-2 this year and if he had her schedule? 2-7. That is crazy.

This week I take on Seth, I suppose I need to avenge my wife or something. I am seriously just trying to make the playoffs. I need to pass Jason and Ryan, which is doable since they take on Offord and Gideon. I just need to win this week. Seems to be the thing I keep forgetting to do. Lindsey has a rough one against Adam. Fun fact, if those two lose and I would win, I should move right into sixth place because I already have about fifty more points than them.