‘Tis the Season for Outrage

merry-christmas-againNow that there is some snow on the ground, it looks like it is time for everyone to stop freaking out about the election and to start freaking out about Christmas. More specifically, the War on Christmas! You know, those laws and rules that are out there preventing good Christians from celebrating the birth of their savior. Religious persecution, much like Roman times when Christians were fed to lions. Basically the same thing.

Fortunately, Christians do not have to fear because President Trump will save the day. Just when you thought Facebook was safe from political stuff…here comes the memes combining Christmas & politics! YAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know I have ranted about this before, but it never gets old to me. I mean seriously, who are these people who are forbidden to say Merry Christmas? Hell, I am not even a Christian and I usually say it just out of habit. Actually, I am usually taken off guard (especially at work, if I am counting money or something) and say something like “uh, and you to have a Christmas that is merry.”  But no one has ever said to me “now Josh, it is against the law to say Christmas, you must say Holidays.”

I know that some people will confuse something like President Obama deciding to have a Holiday Tree instead of a Christmas Tree as some war on Christ, but he was just trying to be inclusive to others. There really are other religions out there and some of them have holidays that coincide with the Christmas season. HOW DARE HE THINK OF OTHERS! That is not what Christmas is about!

One of my friends posted this meme and one of his friends commented with this:



I just love that this person thinks they really found a foolproof method. HAH, I GOT YOU ASSHOLE, THERE ARE NO OTHER HOLIDAYS IN DECEMBER! Well except for Hanukkah, Bodhi Day, Kwanzaa, Pancha Ganapati, a bunch of different Christian saints days, Festivus, Saturnalia, and probably a bunch of other ones.

And c’mon, 90% (statistic I just made up) of the Christmas traditions you use to celebrate the birth of your savior were just stolen from different pagan religions. Look in the Bible and find me the part about decorating a tree. Show me where it says anything about Santa Claus, elves, the North Pole, or reindeer. I think it was in Matthew 19:43 “And Jesus spake to his disciples saying ‘you shall put up colorful lights to commemorate my birthday. Particularly along the edge of thy roof, unless thy roof be made of thatch, then thou shalt burn thy house down for the lord does not like thatch.’ Thus said the lord.” Oh wait, that is not in the New Testament? My bad.

And hey, it would not be the holiday season without a Starbucks controversy. Actually, we already had a few. First people freaked out over the green community cups that Starbucks put out (people assumed they were replacing the red cups). And then there was the controversy about the missing nativity scene. Apparently in the video showing the design, one of the cups had a nativity scene and when they ended up being released, that one was missing. Naturally some people freaked out. Although, I have not heard too much about it since.

Naturally this was not the last of Starbucks being in the news. First we have the guy screaming about anti-white discrimination because his drink took too long. But that is nothing compared to the Trump Cup.trump-cup

For some unknown reason this is a thing. Trump supporters are trying to make people at Starbucks upset by having them yell out Trump. They tried this last year by wanting people to say their name was Merry Christmas. Look, if you are at Starbucks and the person in front of you does this, then you should also say your name is Trump. I say you stand beside them and when the barista yells Trump, you just step up and take their drink. Drink it and say “oh my bad, I told them Trump too!” Then hand them their drink back. Actually, that is a childish move.

If I were a Starbucks franchisee, I would put up a Clinton sign in my window so that Trump supporters would get pissed and come in to pull this off. I would be like “hey, you Trump folks better not order an expensive latte and have us yell out Trump, that would be horrible. And don’t you dare buy a muffin!” I would promote that shit all the way to the bank.

I mean seriously, this is two years in a row where stupid people think the best way to get back at a business is by going there and purchasing their product. You cannot make this shit up.