Who is Kel Kade?

giant-question-mark-printable_556357I recently started listening to Kel Kade’s series on Audible called King’s Dark Tidings. The first book is Free the Darkness and the next one is called Reign of Madness. The books are fantastic. I definitely recommend checking them out. I do not believe they are in print yet, but instead are available either on Audible (they have the guy who does The Kingkiller Chronicles narrating them) or maybe Kindle.

Anyways, I want to get into a more important question: who is Kel Kade? He released the first book in December of 2015 and then the second book is available on January 2016. It looks like the third book could be coming in December of this year. These are the only books I could find by him and the only mentions of him on the internet. Which is a little odd. I decided to dig a little deeper and try to find out more.

If you go to his website, you will notice that it is very simple. I have a theory. I think Kel Kade is a well known fantasy writer. Someone who maybe had an idea for one of their characters or a story arc they wanted to explore, but over time the character changed. This author was able to dust off the story and tweak it a bit and in a very short time, we get KDT. Maybe this author is trying an experiment like Stephen King once did as Richard Bachman (could the series name be a little funny nod to it?). For those that do not know, Stephen King wanted to see if he was a great writer or not. So he created a pseudonym (Richard Bachman) complete with a backstory and released a few books under that name. The books did not do nearly as well as some of King’s stuff coming out around the same time (and if I remember correctly, people figured it out fairly quickly).

So what author do I think this could be? I think it is Brent Weeks. His newest book came out in October 2016. The previous book was in 2014. Depending on how long the editing and publishing process takes, he could have been done with his newest books (minus minor revisions, etc) by the end of 2015. If the story of Rezkin is just an unfinished Kylar (from The Night Angel Trilogy) story (or maybe this was the original notes for TNA and he just modified a few things…), then it makes sense that he could release it fairly quickly. Especially without any editing (if you follow his blog posts, he actually asked readers to help him with edits).

I searched for Kel Kade and could not find any pictures of him (I suppose if I am wrong about it being Brent Weeks, then Kel could be a woman, maybe short for Kelly…hmm). I am sticking with this theory until either Kel Kade or Brent Weeks proves me wrong.