Handicapped Parking

Handicap Parking Sign

Last week I stopped at Giant Eagle for something and as I was getting into my car to leave, I saw a car pull into a handicap spot. Two teenage girls hopped out of the car and went inside the store. I drove around the car to see if they had a handicap placard and sure enough, they did.

My first thought was that maybe they had Aunt Ethel in the car. I drove slowly around and did not see anyone else waiting in the vehicle. My guess is the girls must have borrowed the car. I drove away wondering if what they did was legal. I mean, it seemed like a dick move. What if an actual disabled person pulled in and had to take one of the other reserved spots that were further from the entrance? Giant Eagle was not even close to busy at this hour, so it was not like the girls could not find a spot.

I came home and naturally decided to look it up. I discovered that technically it is illegal. Unfortunately, what cop has time to monitor something like this? Looking back on it, I wish I had known it was illegal because I could have then said something to the girls. Not to be mean or anything, but let them know that just because they have the placard, it does not give them the right to use the spot. They probably would have rolled their eyes or something, but whatever. I would at least feel like I tried to do something.

So since I did not do that then, I am doing it now.

If you are not handicapped, do not use the handicapped spots.

Also, do not be one of those shitbags who keeps a dead relatives placard so they can use it to get great parking. If you do this, you are scum.