Happy Holidays & Obama

It is Christmas time, or the holiday season, whichever you prefer. Some of you get very upset over the whole “Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays” thing. I honestly do not care. If you say anything to me at all, I am pretty happy about it. However, some people need something to be outraged about and for the past eight years (well probably less) it has been Obama’s changes to what the White House says. They say Happy Holidays, they have a Holiday Tree. They send out a Holiday Card. People get so mad about it. To them, Trump will make sure we say Merry Christmas.

Take a second and consider that maybe, just maybe, President Obama, by saying Holiday stuff instead of Christmas, is actually saving Christmas. I know, sounds crazy, right? Hear me out. There are tons of groups out there who like to keep religion and government separate. American Atheists, Satanic Temple, Freedom From Religion Foundation, and many other groups watch out for government agencies spending tax money on one particular religious thing. I know, that probably sounds evil to some of you, but they do it for a reason.

Now, Obama knows about these groups. So, instead of allowing them an opportunity to turn their attention on the White House and their Christmas traditions (like 30+ Christmas trees in the White House, or the Christmas cards, or whatever else is out there), he switches to Holiday stuff. Who pays for the White House decorations? I actually have no clue, but I would guess taxpayer money is somehow involved. This way, tax money is still used, those long-standing traditions of Christmas decorations are still there, but no one can complain about it singling out one group over another because he celebrating all of the Holidays of the season (wink wink). I mean, yeah, he may have a menorah somewhere. Probably something for Saturnalia and everything else, but 99.2% of the decorations are Christmas themed.

Yes, he also does it to make all Americans feel included during this time of year, but cut the guy some slack. He loves these traditions and wants to see them upheld and he found a little loophole to keep them around. Maybe Trump should take a note from him. I am sure the Pastafarians will be upset next year when they learn that Trump has 100 Christmas Trees in the White House and not one single Flying-Spaghetting Monster Tree