You Might Be a Hypocrite…

It seems that in our culture nowadays there is no shortage of hypocrisy. It does not matter which political side you fall on, there are always hypocrites. So here are a few of the hypocritical things that drive me crazy (if you want, imagine Jeff Foxworthy doing his “you might be a redneck…” bit).

If it pissed you off that people made jokes about Barron Trump, but never complained about the horrible things said about Sasha or Malia Obama, then you might be a hypocrite.
-A Saturday Night Live writer tweeted a joke about Barron Trump and there was outrage from many people saying that the kids should be off limits. I agree with that. I was critical of friends who posted stuff about the Obama girls and I also immediately said that making fun of Barron crossed a line. These were some of the comments from a Fox News story about Malia taking a year off before heading to Harvard.

Or there was the time that Liz Lauten called the girls “classless sluts.” And if you think it was just Obama’s girls who have been mistreated, think again. Rush Limbaugh called Chelsea Clinton “the White House dog” when she was just a teenager. You know what though? Chelsea stuck up for Trump’s kid…

If you are upset that SNL suspended Katie Rich instead of firing her, but were pissed when Phil Robertson was fired, then you might be a hypocrite.
-Remember the whole Duck Dynasty national nightmare? A&E fired Robertson for saying horrible things about homosexuals and everyone on the Right freaked out. They claimed he had freedom of speech to say whatever, and people like myself said “yeah, he can say whatever, but there can be consequences from his employer, they have the right to terminate his contract.” And now we have a similar situation, Katie Rich made a joke about Barron Trump and her employers decided to suspend her. That is their right. They could fire her, but they felt that her comment was not termination-worthy, but was punishable. I will defend their right. I will also defend her right to say stupid jokes. I think it is tasteless and unfair to go after the kids, but it is still free speech.

If you constantly harp on “welfare trash”, but at the same time accepted a PELL Grant for college, then you might be a hypocrite.
-Allow me to explain something:  there is no such thing as welfare. You do not go to a government building and sign up for some good old fashioned welfare. This is not Always Sunny.

What we call welfare is actually thirteen different government programs. They are all run by different agencies and departments.
I had PELL Grants when I was in college, I received a form of welfare. I would not consider myself to be a lazy, government mooching waste of life. The same goes for the Obama Phone, if you have one and think that welfare is for losers, you are definitely a hypocrite. Welfare seems to bring out a bunch of hyprocrites…

If you scream about abortion, but then demand welfare programs that benefit poor women and children, then you might be a hypocrite.
-Think about it for a second. A young girl becomes pregnant and decides to keep the baby. One of her only options if she is not independently wealthy is to sign up for WIC. You see this girl at Giant Eagle using her WIC card for groceries and comment “this welfare queens really piss me off, probably has fifteen kids so she can get all that free money.” If you oppose abortion, but also oppose helping feed children, then you are a hypocrite.

If you were outraged over Benghazi during the election, but have not complained about the Congressmen threatening to cut funding for embassy security unless the embassy in Israel is moved to Jerusalem, then you might be a hypocrite.
-Remember Benghazi? That was Republican’s favorite word during the election and now it seems to be forgotten. And yet, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Dean Heller have introduced a bill that will cut funding for embassy security unless the American embassy in Israel is moved from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem. I do not care what your opinion is on the matter. If you were upset that Hillary denied requests for more security to Benghazi, but would be okay with those three clowns withholding funds (and the safety of our people in every other embassy), then you should probably admit that you never really cared about Benghazi.

If you think it is unfair of liberals to criticize President Trump, but never once defended Obama back in 2009, then you might be a hypocrite.
-“Hey, just give him a chance!” Uh-huh, just like you gave Obama a chance? Or sorry, should I say Obummer. From the moment he was elected, many of you out there questioned whether he was an American citizen. You stuck with that until his final day in office. If he were a Muslim terrorist, then he was a pretty shitty one. What was his big plan? Get elected twice, try to bring universal healthcare to citizens? God, what an asshole. You may not like his policies, but do not for a second act like people gave him a fair chance from the beginning. John McCain had to correct a woman at one of his campaign rallies who said that Obama was a Muslim terrorist.

If you want the government to stop wasting money, but never complain about the defense budget, then you might be a hypocrite.
-I love hearing people say things like “my tax dollars should not go to funding XXXXXXX.” Or perhaps “we need to drug test people on welfare because their is so much waste.” The NEH, NEA, NASA, etc are programs that people like to say we need to cut because it is a waste of taxpayer money.
For example the National Endowment for the Humanities budget is about $150,000,000. That is .0039% of the annual budget. And yet people want to cut it. You really think that is the wasteful spending that will help balance our budget? Or maybe it will lower your taxes? The Pentagon constantly tells Congress that it does not need money spent on new equipment each year, but every year there is another story about money being spent on tanks, subs, planes, that the military says they do not need. There are reasons this happens. If you are a Congressman that has a factory that builds tanks (or tank parts, whatever) and the military says it does not need any this year, then there is a chance that folks in your district could be laid off. However, that does not seem like a good reason to waste our tax dollars, does it?

There are probably hundreds of other examples of hypocrisy that drive me crazy, but I think you get the point. Feel free to leave some of your favorite hypocritical moments in the comments. Also, I realize that my list is a bit biased and that some of them can be reversed upon liberals. You do not need to point that out to me. In fact, there are liberal hypocrisies that make me angry as well. I just chose not to include them, which makes me a hypocrite as well!

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