2016 NFL Pick ‘Em Super Bowl

I won. It does not matter what happens tomorrow. Thank you for the great season everyone. It is hard to beat the master, but some of you put up a good fight. I must say that I am very proud of my wife for doing so well. I honestly do not know what her methodology is or how much research she puts into it (I would say none). And yet…she almost won. If she were betting with actual money, she would be ahead. Here are the almost final standings (there could be some changes, but I will not write about it).

Josh:  141-116
Sean:  138-119
Lindsey:  136-121
Adam2:  130-127
Ryan:  130-127
Mom:  125-132
Jason:  125-132
Gideon:  120-137
Adam:  93-164
Offord:  41-216

Oh yeah, about the Super Bowl. Well, the Patriots are playing a team not called the Giants, which means they will win. If you notice, there is a slight contradiction with my pick and the score. I did that intentionally. Either the Patriots blow them out or it is very close. Maybe New England wins on a last second field goal. Obviously in that scenario the Falcons would be the team to pick. I just have a little more faith in the Patriots covering. I am hoping to be wrong on both counts and the Falcons win by 40.