24: Legacy–2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Carter is trapped in the police evidence room without support from CTU. How will get get out? Well he blows a hole in the wall and convinces the young cop to help him escape. Unfortunately the police are not completely inept and quickly stop Carter’s escape. He takes the young cop hostage and before shots are fired, CTU calls and it turns out that everyone over there has been cleared and they are all on the same team. CTU then gives Carter some help and he heads to meet Ben. However, the terrorists locate Grimes by tracking all of their dead comrades phones. So then we have a shootout in the train station. Grimes is hit and the terrorists escape with the flashdrive. Quick observation:  did anyone think that Lock was terrible at being invisible? That guy could not have stuck out more as a government agent tailing Carter & Ben if he tried.

The other stories had all of the typical 24 silliness. Amira and Mr. Harris need to get rid of the body, but a student comes to interrupt so they have to act natural. Definitely did not work. Then it turns out that Drew is not dead. He escapes and collapses near soccer practice. Amira rides in the ambulance to get close enough to finish the job. Quick observation:  would they allow her to ride with them just because she was his girlfriend? And did no one think it was weird that she was not really acting too concerned until that point? It is high school, everyone is judging everyone else…so you know someone noticed and was like “what was up with Amira, that bitch broke up with Drew and now she is jumping in the ambulance? What a poser!” Or more likely it would be something unintelligible such as “yo, Amira not Drew’s bae nomore, tha bish cray.” It is like a second language.

We also have the Nicole and Isaac story. LAME. Good to know that CTU is wasting government resources on personal cell phone conversations. I want a full Congressional investigation on the misappropriation of power! Also, the Jimmy Smits story was totally predictable. It was so clear that Dr. K (from This is Us or you can call him Major Dad) was going to be the one who leaked those Army Ranger names. And it was not even remotely shocking when it turned out he doctored the camera footage. Rebecca did not find it strange that all of the cameras on her running route were off or whatever she said.

A not so quick observation:  the world of 24 is batshit crazy. Think about it for a second. In this world, the United States has been hit with a ton of terrorist attacks (and the stuff that happened to Jack Bauer is official, this is not some reboot, since Tony is going to show up). I mean, there were major attacks. Look at how people are now, in the real United States after 9/11. People are constantly suspicious of any “Muslim-looking person.”  And yet in the 24verse, no one seems to think it is crazy. The people are not calling CTU every time they see a guy with even a slight tan. In the 24verse, a kid like Drew wants to confront Amira before going to the principal. He trusts that the teacher will handle it. In our world, a teacher called the FBI on a kid because he made a clock. I feel like after that many terrorist attacks, Drew would have called CTU the moment he saw her texts. However, if the show depicted our citizens in such a heightened sense of alertness or fear, it may make the show unwatchable for some people. Sorry, like I said, just a stray observation.

First of all, Jack would not waste his time trying to convince the cop that he was a good guy. He would have screamed “I don’t have time for this!” Then he would shoot the old cop in the leg (somewhere that would just be a simple flesh wound) and then force the young one to help him escape. The standoff with the police would have been minimized once Jack showed he was serious about shooting an officer, they would have allowed him to leave without shooting anyone else. Chloe would have hacked something, probably a driverless UberCar and had it pick Jack up. He does not need CTU! Also, Jack would never have trusted his friend to do the right thing. He would have shot Ben from the beginning. Remember when he shot Curtis? No one stands in Jack’s way! Jack would have also dealt with the campaign manager differently (if he were somehow involved in that story line). He would have not asked her, instead tying her to a chair and pacing around the room like a crazed person, all while covering the windows. He would have tortured her with a curling iron or a tea kettle. Something completely out there. He would know she wasn’t involved in like 30 seconds. Just Jack being Jack!